Makeup For Eyeglasses | Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

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Makeup For Eyeglasses | Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

    Hello lovelies, did you know that eyeglasses are considered just as hot and sexy as garters, lace and heels? The times when girls with eye glasses were ''uncool'' have passed, now ''geeky ''girls rule the world! Some time ago I have received a package with the most iconic Round Eyeglasses*, which were kindly sent to me by online store Banggood. Some girls feel confused, when they try to pick eye makeup, that will look beautiful under the glasses, so I've decided to write a blog post with few useful makeup tips for eyeglasses wearers. Let's don't waste a minute and learn few useful makeup hacks, that will allow you to combine your favorite makeup look with an eyeglasses.

    • The very first eyeglasses tip will be especially useful during the cold time of a year. It is not directly related to makeup, but will help you to keep your eye makeup neat and unsmudged. Use a special anti fog spray to prevent your eyeglasses from moisture. Substituting your regular mascara, eyeliner and eye kohl with a waterproof makeup products is also a good idea.

    • Massive and heavily decorated with crystals and gems frames tend to ''steal'' attention. So, if you want to show off your beautiful eye makeup pick eyeglasses in a thin, modest frame. Don`t forget about the natural ''frames'' of your eyes - eyebrows. It is very important to shape them and fill in with color.

    • Eyeglasses won`t hide the beauty of your eyes, if you will choose an eyeshadow, that will complement the natural color of your eyes. Apply nude or white eye pencil on the lower waterline, to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. 

    • Take a special care of the gentle skin around the eyes and on the bridge of your nose. Eyeglasses tend to leave red marks and lines on the skin, but you can prevent (or reduce) the appearance of these marks with a moisturizer and a full coverage concealer. Don't forget to set these products with a translucent powder. 

    • Your eyeglasses slide down the oily nose? Use a special makeup primer for oily skin, it will fill in enlarged pores and reduce the excessive oiliness of the skin. During the hot days you can use special oil absorbing makeup sheets, known as blotting papers. Pat your face with blotting paper after applying foundation or throughout the day. Paper will help your makeup to stay put.

    • Another hack is for girls, who have gorgeous long and voluminous eye lashes. You are familiar with that annoying feeling, when your lashes keep touching the glasses. To prevent this inconvenience, curl your lashes with a curler and forget this feeling.

    • Complement your eye makeup with an equally beautiful lip makeup. Wearing bold black frames? Apply red lipstick on your lips, coating them with a lip gloss. Aren't a big fan of eye makeup, but still want to look great in glasses? Put a makeup accent on your eyebrows and your lips!

    That's all for today lovelies, I hope these makeup hacks were somehow useful to you and wearing makeup with eyeglasses will become easier. Choose sexy and comfortable eye wear at Bangood. You can download Banggood App for an easy shopping experience and a 10 % off discount. Until next time :*

    Lots of love,Liz

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