Oblique Focused EMOM

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Oblique Focused EMOM

    Always complaining you don't have enough time to workout?

    Here's a quick lil burner for you...

    Every Minute On the Minute 

    - 5 mins per round
    - 5 exercises
    - 1 min each:

    1️⃣ Squat & Oblique Crunch
    2️⃣ Table Top Crawl
    3️⃣ Side Plank Hip Dips (30s per side)
    4️⃣ Russian Twist/ Overhead Sit Up
    5️⃣ Side Crunch (30s per side)
    At least 2 mins break then go again

    Enjoy and let me know how you get on - also be careful if you are going to do it outside especially, take longer breaks and stay hydrated 💙💦

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