romantic Topsy Tail Braided - easier than it looks

romantic Topsy Tail Braided - easier than it looks

    This is a bohemian kind of topsy tail in combination with simple braiding. It really is easier than it looks, and doesn't take that long.

    1. Brush the top of your hair with your fingers, adding volume.
    2. Divide your hair into 2 parts - TOP (diagonally from one ear to the other) and BUTTOM.
    3. Grab the top part of your hair and make a pony tail on top of your head (not too high though as that would consume too much length). Make it slightly to the right.
    4. Now make a topsy tail - make a hole above your hair elastic, and pull the pony tail through it (from up to down). See the picture. Then add volume to it by pulling the hair out of the elastic a little bit.
    5. Grab the button part of your hair and and make another pony tail combining the first one with elastic band. Make it as much to the right as you can. You should now be having only 1 pony tail totally.
    6. Make another 2 topsy tails below each other (or more, if your hair is long enough)
    7. Braid the remaining hair normally.

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