Where to Find Opportunities for Holistic Wellness

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Where to Find Opportunities for Holistic Wellness

    Embracing Natural Options for Life and Health

    Sixty-six per cent of all adult Americans rely on prescription medications to help keep them healthy. In total, Americans spend $3.4 trillion on medical care every year. 
    As more and more people realize they are captive to a medical system that responds to illness rather than prevents it, holistic wellness has become a popular way for people to meet their overall wellness needs, including the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional ones. Holistic wellness complements modern medicine while providing nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit.

    The idea of holistic wellness is an ancient one, which became popularized in the United States starting around the mid-twentieth century. Much of the health-related activities we seek out today can fall under the category of “holistic wellness.”

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