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    Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and anyone who knows me knows what a big foodie I am. This is why I enjoy sharing my meals with you!

    Here are a mixture of meat, vegetarian and fish dishes. As much as people laugh about the 'flexitarian' diet, I think it's a great way to find a balance between eating ethically and listening to what your body wants. 

    There's so much information being pumped at us, telling us what we should be eating. This is why I like to create meal ideas posts so that people can think about what tastes good to them and potentially try something new. No judgement. No flashy weight loss key words. Just tasty meals.


    Fusilli pasta with peppers and courgette on a bed of spinach

    Prawns in a tomato sauce with peppers on a bed of fluffy rice

    Go to the FULL BLOG POST to see more food inspiration!

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      Ahh! This pasta looks delicious :) didn't know what I will have for lunch, but your post totally inspired me! Thank youu   

      4 years ago 
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