Flour Eggs Milk Butter Pinch of salt
    30 min   Minutes

    There's nothing more soul fulfilling then some ­čą×pancake, in the morning or at night. ITS JUST THAT GOOD.

    I love making pancake in Saturday morning, for the entire family and they love it. You can have them with syrup,  or sugar or brown sugar either a squeeze of lemon or even chocolate syrup or just how my son likes them with 100 and 1000's sprinkles.

    Go on and try them

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    • Julia M Julia M :

      Oooh! This looks so mouthwatering! Can you share the quantities of the ingredients you add?

      8 months ago 
    • Didi S Didi S :

      Sure, no problem 

      2 full mug cups of flour/self raising flour

      2 large eggs

      3 full mug cups of milk (the dough must not be too watery)

      Pinch of salt

      Vanilla essence (choice)

      Tablespoon of butter in the pan(low to medium heat)

      8 months ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Didi, yay! Thank you for sharing! So, two or three cups of flour? You mentioned it twice :)

      8 months ago 
    • Didi S Didi S :

      It's 3 cups of milk...didn't realize that mistake 

      Thank you for pointing that out

      8 months ago 
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