Grilled veggies and crispy chickpea pizza

    1 cup sliced cremini ½ onion, sliced 1 cup cauliflower fleurets 5-6 eggplant slices 1½ cup chickpea 1 can (540ml) diced tomato or fresh ones 1 tsp curry powder 200g puff pastry 1 tbsp vegetable oil salt grated parmesan
    30-35 minutes   Minutes

    This grilled veggies pizza is so full of vegetables, it’s like eating a garden. 

    I really love the freshness of the tomatoes, I’m happy I used diced tomatoes instead of a sauce, it brings a different texture to the pizza. The eggplant and mushrooms are so rich and buttery, and the chickpeas, well, they are my new favorite ingredients to add to everything. To top it all, I love the crunch of the cauliflower, it’s deeeelicious!!


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