How to make Lumpia - Filipino Spring Rolls

    1/2 pound ground pork 1/2 ground beef Cabbage - thinly sliced Carrots - thinly sliced Bean sprouts Spring Roll Pastry wrapper - they come in a package of 50 (pick the small package) Salt - a pinch Chili oil - 1 teaspoon Black bean sauce - 1 teaspoon Chili oil sauce - 1 teaspoon Sesame oil - 3 teaspoon Soya sauce - 2 teaspoon Vegetable oil - 1 Tablespoon
    Prepare ahead of time   Minutes


    Step 1

    1. Pour 1 tablespoon in a wok or a large skillet along with all meat until it is no longer pink. 
    2. Add cabbage and all sauces into the wok. Add carrots as soon as cabbage begins to wilt.
    3. Stir frequently. Vegetables should be cooked 2 to 3 minutes tops.
    4. Add in Bean sprouts last. Cook another minute.
    5. Give it a test taste to see if the salt or spice level is according to your liking. Add more if you wish.
    6. Set aside until it cools. I give it a good hour.
    7. I also strain it to let all oils separate from the meat.

    Step 2

    1. Place one heaping tablespoon of the filling diagonally near one corner of each wrapper, leaving a 1/2 inch space at both ends. 
    2. Fold the side along the length of the filling over the filling, tuck in both ends, and roll neatly. Keep the roll tight as you assemble. Moisten the tip of the wrapper with water to seal the edge.

    Step 3

    1. Heat a small pot over medium heat, add oil to 2 to 3-inch depth, and heat for 5 minutes. 
    2. Slide 3 to 6 lumpia into the oil. Fry the rolls for 1 to 2 minutes, until all sides are golden brown. 
    3. Drain on paper towels. Serve immediately with dips!


    Plum Sauce

    Spicy Thai Sauce

    I hope you try this simple & quick recipe!

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