Mushroom Prosciutto Fettuccini

    1 lb fettuccini pasta 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp salt 5 slices prosciutto 1 med shallot, chopped 1 tbsp vegetable base (or ¾ cup vegetable broth) 2 cups mixed wild mushrooms ¼ cup white wine (optional) fresh tarragon
    28   Minutes

    Mushroom Prosciutto Fettuccini sautéd in a fragrant shallot oil wine sauce with crispy prosciutto and browned wild mushrooms! This fettuccini recipe is nothing but a tasty and elegant dish that you can serve on a busy week night as well as on special occasions. - Garden in the Kitchen http://gardeninthekitchen.com/mushroom-prosciutto-fettuccini/

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    • Jin C Jin C : Holy cow this looks amazingly good! I'm practically mouth-watering at the yummy photo! Will have to try this recipe out soon
      6 years ago 
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