greens, potatoes, tomatoes seasonal veggies and fruit from your local market!
    15-30' Minutes

    If you don’t like salad, I don’t get you. But I still love you enough to get in the kitchen and develop a few recipes that will make you happy. Happy with your salad that is.

    Unsalady salads,perfect for packed lunches, even more perfect for small gatherings,great background music,hungry friends,honest conversations, where you get to bond over a big bowl of boiled potatoes drizzled with mint dressing.

    Find the recipe here

    Unplug the devices and pour a glass of wine. When I was a kid, my family and I used to play cards with beans instead of money..We had more beans to go around than money. So I’ve learned to utilize what was available and make the most of what we had. In that case beans. Frugal, but amazingly filling,wholesome without weighting you down.So good, you won’t even care about money.

    The recipe for this amazing salad here

    On sunday mornings my kitchen feels quiet and unrushed.Undisturbed I’m free to ponder over the though of cooking an elaborate 3 course meal for myself, and I always end up having a simple salad,along with a bottle of beer,soaking up the yellow sunlight that comes through my kitchen window at five.

    You have to try this one! The recipe is here

    A lovely mix of textures and colours, bitter greens, sour purples,crispy yellows, nutty ivories. Whichever wild greens happen to be in season at the moment, mineral-rich romaine lettuce, frisée,mesclun,tangy apples,juicy blueberries,bell peppers and homemade croutons.Each bite brings out a different, fruity combination of ingredients.

    Find this flexible recipe here.

    Happy with your salads? You’ll find all the recipe cards on www.chelf.net  save, download, print or pin them as you wish and please make sure to share your recreations and ideas with the rest of the FASHION POTLUCK Team and on my social media using the #chelfrecipes or simply by tagging me  on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, follow my food board on Pinterest and don’t forget to join the Chelfdom.

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