Smoothie as a Breakfast?!

    Yesterday I've spent on a beach with a friend. We were in such a hurry not to miss the sunny day, that I missed my breakfast, which is usually very filling and healthy.

    The perfect substitute for my normal breakfast was a smoothie, which I grabbed on my way to the beach. Happily Cape Town is full of healthy-food stores, which present a huge variety of smoothies and fresh juices.

    This time I've chosen very filling smoothie, which is also sweet and is a perfect substitute to sweets. (these days I crave chocolate a lot) It contains bananas, frozen yoghurt, sugar free chocolate powder, low fat milk and my favoriteeee peanut butter. The taste was amazing! And I was so full of it, that I only got hungry in the evening.

    What is your favorite smoothie? More than keen to get to know new recipes:)

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    • Arna A Arna A : My favourite smoothie is very simple and I have it most mornings for breakie! One ripe banana, half a cup of frozen strawberries, and topped up with a splash of coconut water & almond milk. yum.
      6 years ago 
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