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    Several ingredients like spices, veggies, meat, and the pasta itself
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    Food has been a massive part of our everyday life, considering that we all need to eat every day. However, these days, it has been a delicacy to try different cuisines to have a different taste than our regular food. One of the best cuisines today is Italian cuisine, as pizzas and pasta are favorites of many. And when talking about pasta, there are different kinds of pasta with various delicious recipes.

    Several ingredients like spices, veggies, meat, and the pasta itself. So choosing the best pasta like the Barilla pasta is the best option.

    Why Pasta Is Everyone's Favorite?

    Reasons of Pasta Becoming A Famous Dish

    These days, Italian cuisine has made its way into the mainstream, where almost everyone loves these foods. The pasta had become the favorite of many, and obviously, there are reasons for it. The popularity of this Italian food is due to its convenience for production, traveling and is comparatively way cheaper.

    Also, it is easy to make procedures, and versatile recipes make it very convenient for others. But when choosing the pasta itself, it is better to go for Barilla pasta as only the best quality pasta goes with good recipes.

    What Is Barilla Pasta Made of?

    When talking about Barilla pastait is made of two simple ingredients: durum wheat and water. These are high-quality durum wheat that makes top-quality pasta, and this makes the perfect pasta for your recipe. And Barilla makes different kinds of pasta so that you have various options.

    Different Types of Barilla Pasta

    Like many foods, pasta also comes in various types. There are various shapes and sizes of pasta, each with a different name, and each of these goes different with multiple recipes.

    One of the most famous Barilla pasta to use in your recipe is the capellini pasta, and this pasta is similar to spaghetti pasta but comparably much thinner. Then, of course, we have the classic spaghetti, which goes with white sauce.

    There are also the spaghettini and spaghettoni, which are similar to spaghetti but thicker. Remember, the thicker the paste, the more time it takes to cook.

    There are also bucatini, vermicelli, and linguine pasta identical to the spaghetti, and this pasta goes exceptionally well as Bolognese. They also make lasagna sheets for classic lasagna, and most people favorite penne pasta.

    Types of Pasta Recipes To Try Out Today

    If you are looking to try out delicious pasta recipes, you would be happy to know plenty of vegetarian pasta recipes. Things like white sauce pasta that uses spaghetti and penne pasta are delicious, and this creamy pasta makes the perfect Italian meal. You can also go for carbonara or Bolognese, which uses spaghettoni or spaghetti. Again, these can be done by only using vegies, creams, and cheeses, but you can always add meat.

    If you are a nonvegetarian, there are options for you to go for chicken, pork, or beef, depending on your taste options. As pasta is a very flexible and versatile food, you can experiment with it using various things. These recipes usually include pork or chicken, multiple kinds of cheese like mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino, etc. Lasagna is also a delicious recipe considering that you add cheese and then bake the whole thing. These recipes are incredibly delicious, mainly if you use Barilla pasta which is the best.


    It is no doubt Italian cuisine is pretty famous, and pasta is the most famous food. So making delicious recipes using the Barilla pasta makes you the most delicious Italian meal for you.

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