A Cut Above the Rest: The Most Amazing Celebrity Diamonds and Engagement Rings of All Time

A Cut Above the Rest: The Most Amazing Celebrity Diamonds and Engagement Rings of All Time

    Although those who are rich and famous may sometimes complain about a lack of privacy, there is no doubt that such a status comes with many perks. Perhaps one of the most relevant involves the fact that celebrities can afford to spend inordinate amounts of money on jewelry such as engagement rings.

    While the fact that some of these designs cost well into the millions of dollars is undeniable, they are still utterly amazing to behold. Without becoming green with envy, let us take a look at a handful of the most stunning designs that have graced the red carpet over the years. 

    Jennifer Lopez

    If diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, Jennifer Lopez has found a lifelong partner. Fiancé and baseball player Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) is certainly no stranger to a large bankroll, so it is not surprising that he stunned Ms. Lopez with an emerald cut diamond weighing in at a ridiculous 16 carats. Experts estimate that this ring set A-Rod back a cool $1.8 million dollars at the time. 

    Ariana Grande

    While this singer and celebrity is still comparatively young, a diamond is timeless. This is why her fiancé Pete Davidson decided to splurge a bit when he proposed in 2018. The ring was created by famed designer Greg Yuna and the centerpiece is a pear-cut flawless diamond weighing approximately three carats. The entire packages was said to cost just over $100,000 dollars. 

    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton has always been associated with living the high life, so it should come as no surprise that her engagement ring reflects this very same quality. When fiancé Chris Zylka proposed in January 2018, he has his eye on a spectacular oval-cut diamond ring designed by Michael Green. Considering that the central stone and halo setting are said to weigh a whopping 20 carats in total, a price of over $2 million dollars suddenly seems reasonable. 

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish and somewhat shocking sense of fashion. Her ring is not much different. A massive six-carat diamond in the shape of a heart is large enough to be seen from satellites and as it is purported to be nearly flawless, the total price of $500,000 dollars could actually have been a bit of a bargain. Jeweler Lorraine Schwarz was the inspiration behind its design. 

    Mariah Carey

    In terms of expensive rings, Mariah Carey rises to the top of our list. Priced at an incredible $10 million dollars, this 35-carat ring purchased by James Packer exhibits a pristine emerald cut stone surrounded by a series of smaller diamonds embedded within a halo setting. So, we are not altogether surprised that this singer continued to wear the ring even after she and Packer parted ways. 

    Although not all of us can afford the rings mentioned above, the availability of high-quality diamonds online has opened up a host of unique possibilities. Just remember that as opposed to price, it is the thought that ultimately counts!


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