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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION - Hi everyone. My name is Una and welcome to the Fashion Potluck blog. Today we're going to be covering the topic of skincare routine for winter time, when you have to pay extra attention to your skin as the weather conditions are not great. You can be cold, and it can be dry, which can affect your skin in a bad way.  Next to that, since you don't get enough sunlight, that also means that your skin does not get enough nutrients and that's why you should consider purchasing products which are going to help your skin glow and stay beautiful. 


So, the first product you always have to use when cleaning your skin is obviously the cleanser. It really kind of is the first step to remove the bacteria from your face. And the one I would definitely recommend, especially if you have dry skin like me, is this one from Body Shop with Tea Tree. So when it comes to Body Shop, I really like the store because they mostly have natural products and they also are not that expensive. I purchased this cleanser for only nine euros which I think is very affordable. If you have dry skin, I would not really use a cleanser every day because it really can dry it out too much.  Also, don’t leave it longer than like 60 seconds or something. So, this one is kind of like a foaming cleanser. I really like it because it's easier to apply, so you kind of really just rub it onto your skin.

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Price?  6.


The next product in the routine is this Clinique scrub cream which you can use seven days a week. It has this softer formula and it is not as hard as other little scrubs in different scrub creams.  What this scrub really does is that it scrubs away the layer of dust which accumulates on your skin and it unclogs the pores so that's why I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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Price?  $22.50.


The third step in your beauty routine is applying the toner. The purpose of the toner is to hydrate your skin but also remove the excess makeup. You always use it after the cleanser and the scrub. Here we have the Tea Tree one which is really good to fight bacteria. The one which I really would recommend, especially for winter, is this one which contains vitamin E and it also contains wheatgerm oil. Vitamin E is really good for your skin as it is an anti-oxidant which helps to heal scars if you have them on your skin. And also, if you have some imperfections, it really helps fixing them.

Vitamin E Hydrating toner (buy online

Price?  8.

Tea Tree Mattifying toner (buy online

Price?   6.50.


Okay so the next product is this Youth Essence Lotion, from Body Shop again. This is the line ‘Drops of Youth’ which is really good for your skin because it makes it look younger and stay younger for a long time. And I would definitely recommend girls to start using it now. Now this specific product contains 3 plants stem cells, which is very good for regenerating your skin. It makes it look younger, healthier, and it really is moisturizing it in a nice way. So how you apply it:  you always just tap it on your palms and by tapping movements, just apply it on your skin. Make sure to always apply it after the cleanser and before you put the moisturizer and the face mask.  

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Price?  15.


Okay let's move on to the moisturizer. These are my two favorites. So again, same line, Body Shop, ‘Drops of Youth’. It's very good for your skin because it contains the stem cells. It's also very moisturizing and it just leaves this nice touch on your skin. What I love about this one is that it's not so greasy, so you also apply it during the day. I actually apply it in the morning, before applying my makeup because it really is then easier to put my makeup on as it just has this nice and smooth texture.  When it comes to this one, the Khiel’s Ultra Facial cream, this one has a very thick texture and I would definitely recommend using it for very cold time. However, compared to this one, I would recommend applying this one only during nighttime because, since it has such a thick texture, it can really look greasy under your skin. You can start sweating during the day and it's just not going to have the ideal appearance. Apply it at night time, and what I like about this one is that it does not contain any fragrances so that's good because it does not irritate your skin.

Drops of Youth Cream (buy online

Price?  22.

Kiehl's Cream (buy online

Price?  $29.50.


Okay so the next product it's the Soothing Lip and Eye Contour Care from the Body Shop again. It contains aloe and it is formulated for sensitive skin. And what you do is: just apply it under your eyes and a bit around your lips in tapping movements. I really like this product however it has a very soft texture which means that it's not the ideal product for winter because it does not really provide enough care. But the one that I have used before and which I will definitely be purchasing again is the eye care from Bobby Brown,  because their texture is really nice,  it just moisturizes your skin in a very efficient way and it just has a very soft texture. So if you are looking for a product for wintertime, choose Bobby Brown. However, if you just need some additional skin care during fall, I would definitely recommend the one from Body Shop.

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Price?  ₤13.


So, the next product is this Peeling Solution from the Ordinary. You can see that it has a quite low Ph so only 3.6, which means that it's low in acidity and you can safely use at home. However, every time you apply it, make sure to have a dry face, don’t use it on a wet face. I'm going to show you how it looks like. So, you see it looks a bit like blood spots. So what you do, is you just apply several spots on your skin and with your fingertips, you just gently tap it in. Make sure not to use it more often than twice a week and leave it on your skin no longer than 10 minutes. What this product does is, it peels off the first layer of your skin and it really helps fight blemishes and little black spots on your skin. However, you also have to be cautious not to use it in the summertime because as your first layer of skin is peeled off, that makes it much more sensitive and vulnerable to the sunlight.

If you want to know more reviews about The Ordinary brand, take a read to this article of Julia. Another wonderful community member of Fashion Potluck. 

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Price?  €7.20/ 30 ml.


Okay so the final step in my beauty routine is applying these face masks.  The ones I would definitely recommend are these ones from NuPore. So this one is with Green Tea and this one is the 3 Step Aloe Facial set.

These are Korean beauty masks, which are known to be of very high quality and what makes them different is that they contain college essence lotion. And what's very important is to apply several layers of the collagen lotion before applying the mask because it's just going to create such a great effect. Why I choose these masks is because they really tone my skin, tighten it and sooth it, and really hydrate it in a nice way. So, they contain botanical ingredients and I think they're just the perfect beauty product for every girl. 

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Price?  €2.21.

Hydrating 3 Step Facial Set (buy online

Price?  €2.21.

And this was it. We hope that your skin will stay nice, smooth, and healthy this winter.

If you have any suggestions or comments, make sure to leave them below. Thank you for watching. Bye!

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