Complete The Ordinary Review: Moisturizer, Primer, Acid Solutions, & Peeling

Product details: The Ordinary

Complete The Ordinary Review: Moisturizer, Primer, Acid Solutions, & Peeling

    Complete The Ordinary Review: Moisturizer, Primer, Acid Solutions, & Peeling

    “The Ordinary” is a new brand of Deciem, who owns other brands such as Niod, Hylamide, Chemistry Brand, Stemm, and others.

    The Ordinary had a buzz on the internet, because of its affordable prices and “amazing products”, but mainly because of the good marketing.

    I have sensitive acne-prone skin and most of the products made for this type of skin do not work (related to this, if you want to know some tips that I learned during the years take a read here). As this line is quite affordable to try out and is offering familiar treatments and effective clinical technologies, I decided to give it a try. Additionally, many bloggers shared good reviews about “The Ordinary” products, including the reviews here at Fashion Potluck.

    For example, take a read at this The ordinary Caffeine Solution review written by Rosalia. Another wonderful member of our community! 

    I tried many of their products and here’s the honest review. :)

    1. Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (30 ml)

    The brand is promising non-greasy hydration, which it delivers. It is a pretty generic moisturizer which does its job. What I liked about it is that it doesn’t have any flavor and moisturizes the skin for quite a long period of time. I ordered this moisturizer twice.

    However, it doesn’t make your skin shine and look moisturized. So, I decided to switch to a different hydrating solution, and I’m still in search for that “perfect” one.

    Price: 5.80 EUR

    Buy or not to buy: Yes for trying it.

    2. High-Adherence Silicone Primer (30 ml)

    It is supposed to be a matte, hydrating, blurring primer for makeup. In my opinion it is not hydrating, however it is blurring and matte, and makes my makeup stay longer. After several months of using it I noticed that it clogs my pores, which is definitely not a good thing for my skin. My cosmetologist, looking at, it agreed with me saying that it is perfect for events or “a lot of make-up” type of occasions, but certainly not on a daily basis. 

    Conclusion: it has its place on my make-up shelf, however only when I need a “doll” type of face for big events. Daily, I prefer using a lighter primer.

    Price: 4.90 EUR

    Buy or not to buy: Yes, if you don’t have a thick long-lasting primer.


    3. Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (240 ml)

    I generally use acidic & peeling solutions only in winter, in order to avoid sun pigmentation. This product is a toning solution, which is supposed to mildly exfoliate your skin, give it more radiance and clarity. As well, as it consists Tasmanian Pepperberry derivative, it should help you reduce irritation caused by the acids use.

    To be honest, I haven’t used this product for a long period of time, because of our trip to Thailand. This is the reason, why I didn’t get enough information to make a proper review. From what I could notice: it has a nice flavor, the affordable price, and a convenient bottle. I didn’t notice radical changes to my face, but it's a good cleanser. It definitely helps to dry out the zits, however it makes the skin really dry, so it’s better to use a good moisturizer for acne-prone skin afterwards.

    Conclusion: I will give it another try and will use it from October onwards.

    Price: 8.70 EUR

    Buy or not to buy: I guess it’s worth trying.

    4. Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (30ml)

    Another exfoliating formula. The brand promises that it will fight against your blemishes, and clear your skin from zits and black dots. I think it helps getting rid of zits, but I didn’t notice radical improvements to my skin. Reading its reviews, I can see that women are obsessed with it. This convinces me to keep using it for a longer time. However, as all of the acids, I will only use it after this summer ends.

    Price: 5.30 EUR

    Buy or not to buy: Yes

    5. AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (30ml)

    The 10-minutes exfoliating solution. The title means that this is a relatively soft peeling, and it’s safe to use it at home. The content of this solution is pretty good, also including Vitamin B5, Black Carrot and Tasmanian Pepperberry besides all the acids. 

    Generally I love peelings, they help me regenerate my skin and get rid of blemishes and acne scars faster. I regularly do heavier peelings at my cosmetologist, and I thought that this one will help me “save” the results.

    However, this peeling solution didn’t work for me at all. My face was peeling, yes. However, after using it several times I got really bad breakouts, and this certainly wasn’t the result I expected. I got multiple zits and my skin was peeling simultaneously, so it wasn’t the prettiest scene. Having this experience, I’m slightly afraid of using it again.

    Price: 7.20 EUR

    Buy or not to buy: Would think about it

    6. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (30ml)

    It is positioned as an anti-blemish formula. I like this solution, because it does not have acids, I can use it throughout the year, and it provides vitamins for my skin. For those who didn’t know, Niacinamide is a Vitamin B3. This vitamin together with zinc (which I’ve been using for ages) is an amazing formula against blemishes. It is working slowly, but it is working!

    If you want to know more about this specific product, take a read to my review here.

    The only downside is that when you try put another product on top of it, both of the products are rolling down. The brand recommends using it in the morning, but it is almost impossible to put your makeup on top of it. My solution is to put it at nighttime, before my moisturizer. I know that a lot of people were complaining about this issue, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the new batches of this product are improved.

    Price: 5.90 EUR

    Buy or not to buy: Yes!

    If you want to discover different brand for your skin-care routine, take a look here.

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