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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Fashion Potluck Blog! My name is Julia, and today we're going to talk about something that I have to deal with every single day. And this is – Acne.

Many people suffer from acne from teenagers to adults. And there are multiple various causes of acne - from hormonal disbalance to stress or even low quality cosmetics, and only your doctor can tell you what the cause actually is. As a little disclaimer I must say that if you have severe acne you need to visit a doctor who will possibly prescribe an oral treatment or medical creams. Do not rely on this video as a main treatment in this case and only as a suggestion, as today we're going to discuss treatments for post-acne, slight reoccurring acne and random breakouts.

Also, if you want to discover more good products who can help you with your acne, read this article from Kashish.

1. Cleansing

So, today I will tell you a little bit about my favorite acne products which work really well for me and I really want to recommend them to you. I want to start with cleansing, especially with this Kate Somerville cleanser. Cleansing with acne is extremely important. You need to do it twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. And I personally like this cleanser a lot because it doesn't have a smell. It's allergy free I guess. And it has a lot of nice things in the contents, which are acids, Vitamin B, Aloe Vera. So, basically what it does, it exfoliates your skin and removes the dead cells. It unclogs your pores and it cleanses and soothes your face really well, which is extremely good for acne. After you washed your face with this cleanser, it is clean, anti-bacterial and healed.

Buy online. 

Price?  $36 or €32.

This Kate Somerville cleanser is great for many skin types, however I think if you keep receiving acne breakouts, it is better to have a slightly different routine. I tried it myself, but I don't have the products with me now because they're finished. I got this recommendation from a skincare specialist who got rid of acne herself. So, the first step in this cleansing routine is a Clinique Cleansing Balm and we'll put it somewhere here, and the second step is a Gamila hydrating soap. So how you apply it: you take a little bit of the Clinique Balm, you warm it in your palms and you rub it into your face with a little bit of water. Then, you take the soap and you wash everything off your face. Your face feels really clean and clear after that, and also hydrated which is extremely important for the healthy non acne skin.

Clinique Balm (buy online

Price?  $30 or €25.

Gamila Soap (buy online

Price?  ~$30.

2. Toning
The next step in my acne routine is using a toner and particularly I like this The Ordinary Glycolic acid toner, which contains 7% Glycolic acid and its acidity level is 3.6pH. It's pretty acidic, so it removes dead cells and exfoliates your skin, not gently, as your skin becomes a bit sensitive, but it exfoliates it really well. It fights black heads, it fights pimples, and it unclogs your pores and minimizes their appearance. And also, it really helps with reducing fine lines and premature aging.

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Price?  $9.80 or €8.70.

3. Serums

So let's move on to serums. I have two serums from The Ordinary. One of them is Salicylic Acid and the second one is Niacinamide plus Zinc. So, I love them a lot and I don’t know how I would treat my acne without them. So, starting with the Salicylic Acid, I think it’s very underestimated in the beauty world because it's perfect for blemish-prone skin. It is oil soluble, so it goes deep into your pores, unclogging them and cleaning them from the inside. And imagine if you have a pimple and this acid that can go right into it and clean it up. So it's perfect with acne. You can apply it only on pimples or when I had a more severe form of acne I would apply all over my face. As well, it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it calms your acne down and soothes your skin. Talking about Niacinamide + Zinc, I think it is a perfect combination because Niacinamide has perfect skin restoring properties and Zinc is soothing and healing. Together, they’re a perfect combination for the blemished skin and also skin which has hyper pigmentation, because it restores it and your blemishes they become less and less visible. I would definitely recommend them especially they're pretty inexpensive and if you apply them at night, maybe switching them day by day, I think it is a great addition to your acne routine.

Salicylic Acid (buy online

Price?  $6 or €5.30.

Niacinamide + Zinc (buy online

Price?  $6.70 or €5.90.

4. Effaclar Duo

A very important moment while treating acne is hydration. Many people misunderstand it and they think that you need to dry your face off in order to get rid of acne. That's completely wrong because when you dry your face off, your sebum secretion starts increasing and making sebum with a double speed, basically. One of the main reasons of acne is excess sebum, excess oil on your skin. So in order to keep it normal, in order to keep it in balance, you have to hydrate your skin. Just remember it! One of my favorite hydrating creams for acne is this LaRoche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus cream. It says that it’s corrective unclogging care for anti-imperfections. What I like about it is that it has Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide - the ones we just discussed a minute ago. So what it does is it hydrates your skin nicely, it unclogs your pores with Salicylic Acid, it clears your skin and also it restores your skin cells. So basically, it helps you to get rid of acne pimples, random breakouts and also blemishes. It is a French pharmaceutical brand. It is pretty inexpensive and I think you can also find it in most pharmacies. Another important point is that it's made for sensitive skin so it will fit every type of skin. Definitely recommend it!

Buy online.

Price?  $14 or €12.

5. EradiKate

One of my recent findings and one of the best acne treatment products I've ever tried is this Kate Somerville EradiKate acne treatment. What I like about it is its contents and its properties. It contains sulfur, 10% sulfur which is the highest level allowed in skincare products. Its properties are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. What I also like and I think it's a lot of fun is the way you apply it onto your face. The bottle states that you are not supposed to shake it. And for me this was quite curious in the beginning and actually I had to Google it. It has two levels of liquids. The pink consistency on the bottom and the transparent sulfur consistency on the top. So how you apply it onto your face is:

  1. You open it. Keep it in this position, vertical position.
  2. You take a Q-tip and you put it inside of the bottle to the bottom and you take it out and you see that you have this consistency on the Q-tip
  3. You apply it onto your spots on your face - blemishes and breakouts and what it does to them is that it dries them, it decreases their area and also helps with blemishes.
  4. You apply it before you go to bed and a very important point is if you don't apply onto the whole surface, otherwise it will get over dried.

In the morning your face is much fresher and much healthier. I think it is very effective and I will definitely buy it again. And of course I would totally recommend it.

Buy online

Price?  $26 or €23.

6. Clearing Masks

The next product I'm going to recommend to you is this avocado and oatmeal clay mask from Freeman, which is supposed to deep clean and purify your pores. I really like applying facemasks and I do like my skin after applying them. However, with acne there are several face masks that you cannot apply because they will only make your breakouts worse. This also relates to several of Korean masks for example. But, I like this product. It is made for sensitive skin and it is also perfect for acne skin. How you apply it is that you put a little bit of the face mask onto your palms generally, but now we're going to do a test with my hand. You softly rub it in your skin, applying a decent amount - not too much but not too little. And you live it on for 10 to 15 minutes. I really like the texture, it is pretty soft and smooth and I also like the smell. It has this nice soft avocado smell. You leave it on for 15 minutes as I mentioned, and then it gets very very dry, so what you do afterwards is you take a cloth and you wash it off with some warm water. How your face feels afterward is hard to describe. It's really nice and soft, it feels like a baby skin. And also, because this cleans it, it opens up your pores. And if it didn't clean it completely you can just use a soft exfoliator after that. So that's pretty nice and also, it is important to mention that even though it is pretty inexpensive mask and you can buy it in many drugstores it has been awarded a reader's choice of Allure, which is pretty cool. And I did hear a lot of good reviews about it as well. So if you have acne or you just want to get rid of black heads or some random breakouts definitely try it out. It's totally worth it!

Buy online

Price?  $4.30 or €4.

Acne has been my big problem for more than four years now and the products I described today they helped me personally and they made my acne way better. However, I must say that without oral treatments and without visiting my doctor I could probably not get rid of it. So, I would recommend you to take my products and my story as a suggestion, but you should definitely visit your doctor, it is a good idea. Also, mind, that you should eat less chocolates, less wine, and less fast food. And then with all together, with all the things we talked about you’re going to be okay!

Thank you for watching. And if you have any comments or questions make sure to leave them in the box below. Till the next videos. Bye!




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