Happy Holidays

    Hi FPL Friends 

    It's been some time and I surely misses writing over here but first of all let me just say Happy Holidays and I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a blessed day although I'm sure was very different this time around not spending it the way you normally would. 

    As of today we again went into lockdown stage 3 here in South Africa to curb the virus , Soo stage 3 is not that strict but glad they made the decision as cases in Cape Town and South Africa seems to be going sky rocket which is not good at all ! It's also become more scary with new varients arising everyday , I think it also just put the whole world at the point of anxiety again , not that we  not daily but the fact of the uncertainty of the virus and the point we are now going back in the loop of strict lockdown slowly , are we ever going back to the norm ? And what is getting on my nerves is that we get ignorant people that think this is a full on joke I honestly can't deal ! 

    But nevertheless my heart goes out to all of you that have lost someone to this deadly virus and sending you a virtual hug from the other side of the world ❤️ . 

    If you ever need someone to speak to pop a msg over here , comment down below or follow me on the socials maybe my content or whatever we talk about will take your mind off wheather it being about series what you done today - pen pal vaabs yes 😁. 

     2020 was not easy for most, but I just wanted to make sure and pop in to say I hope you enjoying your holidays safely and taking all precautions . We in this together. 


    - Nabeelah

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    • Fashion P Fashion P :

      Nabeelah! Thank you so much for your message.   We hope you are doing well during this lockdown period. You are not alone. The same as in SA, our team and other women in our community are also under quarantine/lockdown restrictions. Let's keep strong.

      Happy New Years and much love for 2021!!! 🤗🥂

      3 years ago 
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