12 Best Jobs in Beauty Industry 2022

    Beauty industry seems to be growing more than ever. Whether it is makeup, nails, hair, skin care, or something else, the world of beauty is expanding and more and more people across Australia are getting interested in joining such a large industry. Here are some of the most frequent as well as high paying jobs in the beauty industry that you can get into by taking quick courses and trainings.

    1. Dermatologist

    Dermatologists have a very important job specialising in skin, nail, and hair concerns. This job has to do with beauty care but health as well since skin is our biggest organ and we should care for it properly. So, if you want to become a dermatologist, you need to walk into this profession with the mindset of treating patients that may come in with severe skin health issues. It’s a great paying job and those who love helping people will adore this job. 

    1. Eyelash technician

    If you’re interested in learning the art of taking care of eyelashes, then an eyelash technician might be a perfect profession for you. The best part is that within a short period of time you can be trained and become licenced to be an eyelash technician. 

    1. Graphic designer

    You might be wondering what a graphic designer could possibly do with the beauty industry. Well, there’s a lot of it actually. If you have a passion for both beauty and graphic design, you can combine the two and work for major beauty brands in helping them develop a graphic design for their brand image. It’s a perfect combination. 

    1. Product developer

    If you choose a job of a product developer, your responsibilities will include testing and mocking new beauty products. If you’re someone who’s passionate about testing new formulas, consistency, and textures of new beauty products, this is a perfect job for you. It’s a great way to get into the beauty industry and have access to lots of skincare and beauty products. 

    1. Spa owner

    People love going to spas where they can relax and forget about their worries for a few hours. It’s the ultimate beauty treatment. So, if you have experience in business management, opening up a spa will be an easy task for you. You can also consider the option of opening up a salon and hiring a trained beauty therapist.

    1. Beauty PR specialist

    As a beauty PR specialist, your job requires you to be great at multitasking in a fast-paced working environment. Your job will be to help a brand present itself in the best possible way so that the company can grow in popularity and increase its sales. 

    1. Nail technician

    If you’re interested in all kinds of nail art and different techniques of taking care of nails, you can get training to become a nail technician. You can also pick between working in a salon or doing a freelance job and opening up your own business. 

    1. Hairstylist

    If you have a great sense for styling hair, maybe you should get a training to become a licensed hairstylist. The beauty of this job is getting to work with so many different hair textures, hair types, colours, hair styles, and so on. It’s a job full of never-ending creativity. 

    1. Beauty writer

    People are getting more and more interested in the beauty world, skincare, and makeup. When they seek help and beauty advice they like to turn to professionals online to get recommendations. That’s where you can step in as a beauty writer and offer your own experiences through blogs. Lots of beauty influencers and bloggers get to partner up and work with amazing brands to bring the beauty industry closer to its audience. It’s a great job full of lots of amazing opportunities. 

    1. Special effects makeup artist

    If you are into expressing art through makeup, then going into the world of special effects makeup and beauty is the path for you. It takes time, patience, talent, and lots of practice, but those who enjoy stage presence and makeup will love this job. To start your beauty journey as a makeup artist you can look into a professional makeup course in Perth that offers an amazing base and experience for those who would want to work in the makeup industry.

    1. Laser hair removal technician

    Laser hair removal has been gaining more and more popularity recently. Both men and women are looking for this magic hair removal method to help them get rid of the body hair permanently. So, if this is a job you would like to start, invest money into your certificate and a machine and look into starting your own business. It really pays off. 

    1. Massage therapist

    Lastly, in this fast-paced chaotic world that we live in, people need a good massage every once in a while to help them release all of the pain, tension, stress, and anxiety built up during long work days. Massages are beauty treatments that truly make us feel younger and like we had a huge burden lifted off our back. So, if you have a talent with massaging people, look into courses you can take to become a licensed massage therapist and maybe you can open up your own salon. 


    All in all, the beauty industry seems like it will keep growing and opening up new job positons. It’s such a huge industry with tons of options, and whether you like doing makeup, taking care of nails, or something else, you will definitely find your place in the beauty world. 

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