3 Simple Hacks for Your Wardrobe

    I’m lazy and most of my disposable income goes to food, so I gotta stretch my dollars in every other aspect of my life. What’s a poor girl to do?!?!? DIY it!  Here’s a glimpse into how me and my wardrobe survive on this planet.

    Shavin’ my balls - lint balls, that is

    The latest love of my life is the lint shaver I bought. It’s so much like the one from Philips (10 - 15 euros) but at a fraction of the cost. I found mine at a discount store in Amsterdam called Action for 2.49 euros. That’s about 2.75 USD or 2 GBP.

    I use my lint remover religiously to trim everything from sweaters to bras and even my couch! Everything looks like new. It is satisfying and addictive. It’s true love. This hand held, battery operated machine uses 2 AAs and lasts for about 4 hours with continuous use. You can probably find a similar fabric shaver near you as well. 

    Scratched up shoes

    My second ghetto fabulous life hack has to do with non-leather shoes. We all have that pair of shoes that got all scuffed up but we can’t use shoe polish on it. *sigh* Well, this happened to a friend of a friend and she used marker to fill in the scuff marks. 

    This is a quick fix and is best for small or thin scratches, not to color in your whole shoe. If the scratch is narrow, use a fine tipped marker; if the scratch is big, use a bigger marker. You ONLY want to color in the scratched bit. I, uuuhh, I mean, my friend...suggests that you go over the scratch with the marker 2 or 3 times so the color absorbs evenly into the material underneath the shoe’s top layer. This also works with those fake wood shoe heels. You can use a little cheap hairspray to set the color.

    Just be careful because some black permanent markers have a reddish or greenish sheen. Water-based markers work fine in general, but NOT for smooth plastic.

    Organizers for small things

    Somehow I ended up getting a bag of jewelry and had nowhere to put them. I looked in lots of stores but the jewelry organizers were always too small, too bulky or too pricey. One fateful day as I wandered aimlessly around Ikea I came across several utensil drawer inserts. 

    Then it hit me, I can put my stuff in these! The STÖDJA line of utensil trays is basic white plastic and comes in different sizes. Also, it was flat so I could slip it onto a closet shelf. It’s also handy for small items like socks, belts, watches and more. It ranges from 1.79-3.99 US dollars or 0.99-1.89 euros.

    Feel free to share your awesome finds and any other life-saving tips so we can both survive in style ;)


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