6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Wellness Today

    Want to boost your wellness? You can do these simple things to ensure that you feel as fit and healthy as possible, starting today. These are 6 simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle to improve your overall wellness.

    Let’s get started.

    1. Get Some Sleep
    2. Breathe & Meditate
    3. Substitute Your Phone For A Book Prior To Sleep
    4. Don’t Be So Convenient
    5. Go For A Walk
    6. Drink More

    1. Get Some Sleep

    Of course, sleeping is essential, right? Well, that is why it needs to be repetitively told! Some of us, including me, sleep late due to technology (which will be mentioned later) and other things. And then we wake up, go to work and yawn every or so minutes because of the lack of sleep we’ve gotten the night before. I also know that if I do have a lack of sleep, I don’t concentrate as clearly as I should. That is something I am still working on.

    When you get plenty of sleep, your body, while at rest, can also work on your body system by breaking down foods properly, maintain your blood pressure and metabolism.

    If you don’t get enough sleep, it’s not only highly likely that you’ll be tired the next day, but your health can suffer too. Not sleep for long, or lack of sleep could lead to you having migraines, depression, and even high blood pressure. Being tired also makes us emotional, stressed, limits our concentration, and can even make us more susceptible to illnesses. If you want to get back to sleeping 7-8 hours of sleep (or depending on your body cycle), then you need to change your lifestyle. One way to do that is to reduce your technology use during the night, which will be discussed in a few. Another will be eating the right food.

    When you get the required amount of sleep, you’ll definitely feel and see a difference overall in your health, your concentration, and your mentality.

    2. Breathe

    This may seem like an unusual recommendation, but do you ever take the chance to just sit and breathe? There are a lot of breathing exercises and even with just one session of concentrating on your breathing will leave you feeling more relaxed.

    Over time if you do this at least once a day, you’ll find that you feel calmer, less emotional, and just generally better. Meditation is a good time to try out breathing techniques.

    3. NO Electronics Before Sleep

    This is something that I need to work on, and I know you should too. We find ourselves in our laptop (Netflix or Hulu) or phones doing whatever when we forget to understand the effects these activities do to our mind, our bodies, and our mentality in the long run.

    There are several articles online such as this one from the American Associate of Sleep Technologist. In their article, their study provides evidence, through research, that when you use your phone or laptop even when you’re sleepy, your melatonin (the hormone that tells you when it’s time to sleep) reduces over time. This means that you get less time of sleep overtime!

    I know these things to be true because I feel it almost every day I use my technology, especially at my workplace (I yawn every or so minutes). Another fact is, the more you use your technology over time, you will most likely witness this effect as you get older. Then you’ll be more tired, and your health will likely show it. There is one evidence, though I am not entirely sure if this is factual, that this type of activity can lead to cancer.

    Instead of reading on your phone, swap it for a book. Books are still IN these days you know.

    Friends and readers, I hope you all, and myself, understand how it is important to boost our wellness and take care of ourselves properly. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we might reap the consequences of our ignorance.

    4. Don’t Be So Convenient

    When I don’t feel like cooking, I either stop at Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks to get me breakfast or lunch. There was a time where I went to Chil-Fil-A every day of the week that I felt pain in my chest. Plus, I gained 8 pounds in that ONE week! though fast food is convenient, they’re a very unhealthy choice to make. In addition, frozen dinners are also an unhealthy choice. We should not be a community where we think we’re too busy cooking ourselves a simple meal. I don’t believe it’s difficult.

    Ready meals, processed food, and junk food are loaded with sugar, fat, salt and many more calories than our bodies need. That’s crazy! Fast food also tends to be heavily processed and as it is often fried, the nutritional goodness for our bodies is practically non-existent.

    Try to cut back on these unhealthy foods and instead cook from scratch. It is not difficult to prepare a healthy chicken breast with vegetables on the side for example and this is a far healthier option. If you find it inconvenient to cook every day, cook all your food on the weekend. Placing your foods on Tupperware like this one on Amazon will help you save money for a week.

    5. Go For A Walk

    Instead of putting off exercise claiming that you don’t have enough money to go afford a gym or enough time to attend one, just take a step out of your own front door. You can walk anywhere you want, and it doesn’t cost you at all.

    You can go walk by yourself or involve a friend and go for a walk around the blog or to the park if there is one close to you. The only excuse you may make for yourself to not go for a walk outside would be that it’s extremely freezing cold or scorchingly hot. If the weather feels good though, you really don’t have an excuse to not go and breathe in that fresh air. You’ll have plenty to gain from your walk.

    First of all, you’ll be able to enjoy gentle exercise that will still give you a good cardio workout to keep your heart pumping. You will also be able to enjoy some fresh air, which is essential for the brain and muscles.

    This could be done at any time of the day. You could also make it an evening routine that could take place a few minutes after eating dinner.

    6. Drink More

    I’m not talking about you going to the bar or club and get drunk. Nor am I saying drink more wine than you usually do. It’s quite the opposite actually. Obviously, you know what I’m talking about, water! You may not like drinking water but it has so many benefits for your skin and your body system. The recommended water intake is depended on you though since water intake is not a one size fit all.Try drinking 8 cups of water a day or more (or less) depending on how you feel throughout the day. Remember drinking water also helps you remove the waste on a daily basis!

    Every time you go into your kitchen, try to remember to have a glass of water. Whether you’re making breakfast, lunch, dinner, or if you’re just grabbing a snack, using this as a prompt to drink a glass of water is an effective way to remember to stay hydrated.

    There you have it.  I hope you're maintaining yourself during this time. Be strong, stay hopeful, and have a bit of momental fun. 

    Until Next Time,

    Simply Alia

    • Lafrieda S Lafrieda S :

      Great Tips!! I started doing all this a couple months ago and I feel so much better. Now Im trying to get the rest of my family to do it-it is hard.

      4 years ago 
    • M D M D :

      These are such good reminders! Drinking water automatically makes me feel more productive and then I can trick myself into getting more done in the day. Thanks for sharing!

      4 years ago 
    • Alia W Alia W :

      Thank you, Lafrieda and Miko! I'm glad you found these tips useful!

      Lafrieda, I understand you. One I can suggest is to try to do an activity or a practice together as a family, jut one thing that may work for all of you. I hope this suggestion helped in some way! 

      4 years ago 
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