8 Helpful Tips to Help You Quit Cigarettes

8 Helpful Tips to Help You Quit Cigarettes

    One of the worst things about smoking lies in the fact that everyone who smokes knows that it’s bad for them. Still, this knowledge is to no avail. Think about it, a lot of enthusiasts about other vices can easily find good sides, even defend their habit. Smokers, however, are aware of the fact that they have an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and even diabetes or erectile dysfunction. They are also aware of the vast amounts of money that they use to feed their addiction. Still, why can’t they quit? The primary problem here is the motivation that is used to feed both discipline and willpower necessary to succeed. Here are six tips to help you turn this around.

    1. Get a self-help book

    A lot of people found that discovering a new perspective on their smoking can help them fight against this addiction. One of the most popular books is Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. The book was first published in 1985 and it has helped so many people quit this nasty habit for good, over the last several decades. The cost of this book (both in paperback and digital format) is really not that great and it’s quite an easy read. In other words, it costs next to nothing for you to give it a try.

    1. Download an app

    Another method for quitting cigarettes lies in downloading an app. This modern method helps you by sending you information and gamifying the entire experience. As you count the number of hours, days and months without cigarettes and receiving regular notifications, you will stay motivated a lot easier. Also, by getting fun facts and trivia about the recovery of your body since you’ve quit cigarettes or the amount of money saved, you will get one more reason to persevere.

    1. Start vaping

    A lot of modern studies claim that vaping is up to 95 percent healthier than traditional smoking. Sure, this solution is still not ideal but it is a far better alternative. Also, keep in mind that, while vaping, you’re able to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid. This means that you can gradually reduce your nicotine cravings until you can eliminate them in their entirety. As for the psychological addiction, seeing as how the action of vaping is similar enough to smoking you won’t have that much trouble making a switch. All you need to do is invest in some basic vape accessories and get started.

    1. Get busy

    One of the things that the majority of smokers will notice is the fact that they smoke the most in the moments of idleness. While you’re playing a game of basketball with your friends, working or heavily focused on something, you’re unlikely to feel the urge to light a cigarette. However, while enjoying the morning coffee, sitting in the café or chatting with friends, you’re likely to reach for several cigarettes in a matter of minutes. This is why those who intend to quit smoking might want to fill their schedule.

    1. Take a holistic approach

    The next thing you need to understand is that taking a holistic approach isn’t necessarily a bad idea. You see, quitting cigarettes is difficult but so is quitting alcohol and eating healthier. So, why not wrap it all up in a bundle and turn your life around. Sure, this is incredibly difficult, however, the reward is incomparably bigger. If you endure long enough, you will feel so much better. This euphoria, on its own, will be enough to lead you into the brighter tomorrow.

    1. Set a goal

    One of the ways to quit cigarettes is to set yourself a goal. For instance, you want to run a marathon, which means that you need your lungs fully operational. Other people decide to quit smoking out of solidarity and team up in order to make this goal more possible. This way, they gain some extra motivation, seeing as how failing the task means letting down someone close to you. Then again, there are some people who decide to quit smoking in order to become parents and raise healthier offspring. Financial objectives are great since smoking is a healthy habit. In other words, knowing what this is for can make the question of motivation a lot easier to handle.

    1. Set a date

    Previously, we’ve talked about setting a goal to quit. Why not set a date? This way, you can do it at your own pace yet eliminate the scenario where you indefinitely postpone the starting date. Also, you can take two different approaches here. You can set a date on which you will completely quit and slowly work your way up to it. Other than this, you can light your last cigarette day before that, thus symbolically marking your transition into the world of non-smokers.

    1. Surround yourself with the right people

    There are some guides which suggest distancing from your smoker friends, however, this is A) a bad criterion for choosing people in your social circle and B) not a great idea overall. Why? Well, because you just can’t hide from smoking. If being near a cigarette is a trigger that you just can’t resist, then you really have no way of beating this addiction, to begin with. Instead, try surrounding yourself with people who are supportive. This kind of social policy will do you much better in the long run and will provide you with more consistent results.

    In conclusion

    While a lot of people believe that it’s all about perspective or determination, the truth is that it’s different for everyone. So, while someone just needs a goal, others may need to take a tad more gradual approach. There are some who can just outright quit but then, there are some who need to lower their nicotine intake over the course of weeks (even months). All that matters is that you figure out what kind of approach is best suited for you and stick to it as much as you can.

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