9 Popular Interior Styles for Your House

    One of the first things you need to consider when making repairs in your house is an interior style. All important things like the color of the walls, materials of the floor, pieces of furniture, the decor will be chosen according to the interior style. There are a huge number of different ways to organize the interior of the room. 

    If you are currently looking for the right style of interior design, take a look at these 9 most popular ones and their main characteristics.

    1. Avant-garde

    The avant-garde is great for spacious rooms, preferably with a non-standard layout. Instead of walls and doors things like arches, steps, and podiums are used for zoning. As for the colors, black, white, and red are used. But the main thing is a combination of contrasting shades. Avant-garde allows you to use orange furniture and green walls freely. For the walls, you can choose metal wallpaper or interesting decorative plaster. For the ceiling, suspended and laminated panels are suitable.

    The main requirement for furniture is an unusual shape. Classic headsets, familiar shapes, and materials have no place in the avant-garde style. Furniture should not have too many decorative elements. Windows should be as large as possible and have an irregular shape. You may even choose sliding glass walls to let more natural light inside the house.

    2. Empire

    The Empire style in the interior is chic and luxurious natural materials, strict forms, symmetry, the use of gilding and carving. The main colors of the style are blue, white, red, bronze, and gold. The floors are made of expensive types of wood, artistic parquet. In the bathroom, there are often used materials like marble. For walls, you can choose silk, brocade, or textured wallpaper imitating expensive fabrics. The walls can be decorated with bas-reliefs, pilasters, and frescoes. 

    Furniture should emphasize the glory of the interior and be massive. You can choose furniture made of wood, decorated with carving and gilding, the legs can be made in the form of a lion's paws and decorated with a pattern. Antique furniture is a priority. The windows can be decorated with massive curtains of rich shades. The combination of thin silk curtains and French curtains looks great.

    3. Art deco

    This style combines luxury and modern elements, Empire and high-tech, and uses African or Egyptian motives. Art deco is suitable for all types of rooms and often used to decorate bedrooms and living rooms. The style is distinguished by zigzag and curvilinear forms. As for colors, a combination of contrasting shades is preferable. You can mix black and white, crimson and gold, beige and chocolate. Metallic can become the main color of the interior.

    For the decoration are used expensive natural materials. The walls can be draped with fabric or decorated with textured wallpaper. The floor is usually wooden and can be covered with carpets in some places. For lighting, you can choose lamps with frosted glass, preferably with chrome details.

    4. Baroque 

    Baroque is an artsy and royal style that emphasizes the wealth of the owner, but at the same time, remains as functional as possible. Baroque is great for country houses or very spacious apartments. The symmetry and comfort of furniture(which should be magnificently decorated) are the basic elements of the baroque. The main color of the style is gold and all "expensive" shades like dark green, burgundy red, and dark blue.

    For the floor, preferable materials like marble or natural wood. The walls are decorated with fabric, wallpaper in shades characteristic of the baroque, and frescoes. If the walls are plain and painted in pastel colors, they should be decorated with stucco. The furniture should be semi-antique, decorated with abundant floral ornaments and inlays of copper. The lighting of the baroque room is dim and diffused. Preference is given to chandeliers and candle-shaped lamps.

    5. Country 

    The country style combines a rustic charm and homeliness. The country is suitable not only for summer cottages and country houses, but you can also be used in the decoration of your apartment. The color scheme of this style is all-natural soft shades. It includes beige, brown, blue, green, and white. Furniture should be darker than finishing materials. Only natural materials are used for decoration. The floor and walls can be made of wood or stone.

    The furniture is made only from natural materials and has the most simple and even cumbersome design. Accessories play an essential role and should bring comfort and soulfulness. You can use knitted napkins, linen curtains, flowers, and mirrors in simple frames.

    6. Classicism

    Classicism is similar to empire and baroque, but it is more aristocratic, meaning it less pretentious. The main feature of classicism is the correct geometric shape of the room. Zoning is done by columns and pediments rather than pieces of furniture. An important requirement is the height of the room and symmetry in the arrangement of furniture with a central accent in the form of a table, bed, etc. The main colors are beige and pastel with brown and green elements.

    For the decoration of the walls are used textile or vinyl wallpaper, decorative plaster. For the floor, you can choose a parquet made of different types of wood. The furniture should be massive and decorated with floral elements. The main decorative element is a large mirror in an elegant frame. Sculptures, floor vases, and paintings are also often used in classicism.

    7. Contemporary

    Contemporary is similar to minimalism and hi-tech but gives more freedom and constant renovation of the interior. Things should be organized compactly. Only functional reliable items are used for decorating. Basic colors include black, white, gray, and pastel shades. Against their background, you can use objects of bright colors and unusual shapes. You can use both natural and unnatural materials like plastic, metal, and glass. 

    All furniture should have clean lines and a modern design. Preference is given to multifunctional and transformable furniture. Glossy textures are combined with matte textures. Interesting ornaments can be used on individual pieces of furniture. For decoration, you can use flowers, paintings, mirrors, and modern vases.

    8. Loft

    The loft-style interior is a huge area, high ceilings, large windows, a lot of light, "untreated" surfaces, and no walls. All shades of gray and terracotta are used in the loft interior. Brickwork or its imitation is used for the walls, the floor can be concrete or laminate, the ceiling is decorated with beams. A great role plays seating furniture, large sofas, poufs, and armchairs. Antique furniture and modern elements can coexist in the loft interior. 

    Curtains are rarely used in the loft interior. The windows should be large, so all space can be filled with natural light. Industrial-style lamps are used to create artificial lighting. Accessories must be non-standard and create interesting accents. 

    9. Scandinavian style

    Modern Scandinavian style is laconic and contrast style with moderate decor. The main color is white, but pastel shades are also used. The materials in Scandinavian style must be natural. This includes wood, leather, linen, cotton, ceramics, metal, glass, and stone. The walls are painted or plastered in light shades, the floors should also be wooden(preferably white).

    Furniture should be functional and comfortable. Upholstery of furniture may have striped patterns. You need to let in a maximum of natural light into the room. The windows must be large and the frames are wooden to match the floors. Decor items are limited to a minimum, but they should be bright to create accents. 

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      Great piece, loved how you explained each style, I knew about a couple of them, but now I've managed to understand the rest as well <3

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      Wow! I really into interior design and I like art deco and Scandinavian style! I know they are very different but both very beautiful..     

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