After 3 months…

    If you have been wondering, where have I disappeared for a few months? I don't have an answer to that question. Life has happened. I started filming my getaway trip in May before braiding my hair. I was so excited about it. I didn't expect it to be so relaxing. 

    Photo byBlake Wisz on Unsplash

    On the last day of the getaway, I sort of pushed the off button. I was a bit too into my head about analytics. When I filmed things that I love to share didn't perform well. Maybe because it was too scripted I missed my mark on individuality. 

    At the end of July, I finally wanted to start over, but the battery died on me. So, I took it as a sign to leave it not today. In the meantime, my grandmother died. On the job, things started to go south to rock bottom (that kind of south or 10 of swords) and I lost my motivation. 

    Nevertheless, I ordered a new battery for my camera. 😅

    I am counting on some points there. 😉 I didn't forget about this lovely community.❤️

    After three months, I am writing a post and giving some reasons why I haven't been around. After three weeks, I have started to have one day a week off to put myself back on track. I need to practice how to be more open like I am with my closest group of friends.

    I will attach a video as always for you who prefer it more ''personal''.

    p.s If you are having any tips for me love to read them 


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