Back on track Autumn edition

    In case you missed my last video of coming back and my quick getaway on mine. I've made sure that the video reminded you of that.

    For all of the newbies that have started following my journey. I love tarot. I do readings for myself. Recently, I have begun learning Lenormand as well. Now, I am at the point where I practice reading on Facebook groups and learning Lenormand. So I can combine those too in the future to get more info on my card readings. 

    Afterward, I love to finish my coffee and watch a bit of Netflix or some video on YouTube. The first hour since I woke up, I don't go on social media, and I don't lock my phone like some Youtubers. I started doing that 2 or 3 years ago. I have figured that I feel much better when I don't hop into the social media loop. Sometimes it can be a bit toxic.

    Cleaning my space is a must for me. I have noticed that I start to be lazy when surrounded by clutter. During the summer season is hard for me to keep everything in order. Clients on my 9 to 5 suck the life out of me. Unfortunately, that is not a joke. That's why my cleaning time is on my days off. After all this space cleaning, it is time to cleanse my sensitive space with my fav Luna Mini 3.

    Since is the new season it is time for me to change something. I love to have bigger changes in spring and autumn. I don't know why, but since elementary school, I will do something different at the beginning of these two seasons. Autumn probably because of the going back to school. New outfits, hairstyles, new school stuff, and spring because you start to put away all of that school things, and an even busier season is coming. After all those years something would be different. It is time for me to take down all of my braided hair and start the challenge to put myself back on track. If you can join me I would be happy.

    These are my rules:

    1. Wake up before 8 am
    2. Go to bed on time 23:00
    3. Workout 30 min 4 days in a week
    4. Eating more regularly  (meal planning, hydration ect. )
    5. Meditation for at least 15 min in a day
    6. Skill ( creative planning)
    7. Read a few pages in the morning or evening 

    It took me just two days this year and that's my new record I am so happy about it. My first thought after taking everything down was OMG do I have anything left on my head? It felt so light, my hair grew so much even more than the last year. 

    I hoped you have fun watching it.


    • Inês A Inês A :

      I love your routine goals, I'm absolutely going to copy you on that one!   

      1 year ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        Yes girl! Back on track let’s be productive and on point for winter ❄️ 😉

        1 year ago 
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