Cargo Pants and Good Scenery

    Hey guys!!!

    wow its really been a minute since I last posted on the platform , miss me ?

    How is my friends from across the globe? Me? I'm pretty much good but the loadshedding (when the power goes out for a few hours) here in South Africa is just a no no!

    but what I can say what makes me feel better is having a good outfit with some good scenery.

    Lately I've been into cargo or wide type pants and oversized t-shirts its just too comfy. Lately my family and I have been enjoying different sunset spots around the city and its really amazing what it does to your mental health a good break away from life . How are you coping lately with life is everything all good? I would love to know   



    • Julia M Julia M :


      It's wonderful to have you back! Absolutely missed   Everything is pretty good over here too. Currently in Rio de Janeiro for work, and also lately got into comfy streetwear. Love your look     

      11 months ago 
    • Nabeelah I Nabeelah I :

      hey happy new year !   

      sorry for my late reply what are you up to now ?

      thank you so much   

      3 months ago 
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