Children Friendly Activities In Sydney

    Sydney is a beautiful city with many things to visit and see. Not only that, Sydney is known for a wide range of exhilarating children-friendly activities, which we are sure your kids will enjoy. So, take your organizer and start planning your trip. Just be aware of this: however many days you have planned to spend in this marvelous city – it won’t be enough because there are so many exciting things to do in Sydney with kids. You will definitely wish to stay longer than you planned! This is the effect Sydney has on many people.

    1. Circular Quay

    What better way to start off your journey than by visiting the two of the most popular landmarks of Australia: the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge? The Quay is the main transport hub of Sydney, making it a connection to the rest of the world. You can enjoy the Quay together as a family by taking a stroll and watching the ferries come and go. Kids love this. There are also many places where you can grab a bite. 

    1. Taronga Zoo

    One of the top attractions for kids in Sydney is definitely the Taronga Zoo. If you decided to start your journey with the Circular Quay, you can easily move along to this magnificent zoo, set right next to the Harbour. This zoo is special because it is set is a natural bushland setting. It is inhabited by a wide range of different kinds of animals from all around the world featuring in amusing shows. The visit to the zoo makes it a perfect family outing. Plus, you will ensure your kids will sleep tightly, as they will be running around the zoo for a couple of hours! In order to get to Taronga, you will have to take a ferry ride from the Harbour, which will be a great experience for your kids and at the same time, you will be able to enjoy the serenity the water provides as well as a stunning view on the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

    1. Luna Park

    A visit to Luna Park is definitely on the kid bucket list. This amusement park is an iconic symbol of the city. You can take on the big slides in Coney Island, ride the wild mouse and smash into each other on the dodgem cars and even jump on the huge Ferris Wheel for an outstanding view of the Harbour. There’s nothing to think about here! Grab your family and head to the crazy park of adventures! There’s something for everybody there, even for the youngest ones. You can take a train or a ferry to Luna Park if you’re starting from a relatively close distance. However, if your journey lasts for some time, it is better and more comfortable for your family to reach Luna Park by car. Just make sure to put your toddler in the best car seat for a baby, to ease the discomfort of a long journey. By doing so, you will assure stress and fuss-free trip. 

    1. Darling Harbour

    A lively and attractive destination of Darling Harbour offers many interesting things for the whole family. You can enjoy in paid as well as free entertainment. There is a large playground with many swings, slides, climbing ropes and also a historic carousel. The Darling Harbour also features Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, the Wildlife Park and IMAX theatre, so your kids can enjoy all kinds of activities in this popular tourist attraction. And if you get hungry from all the fun, you can grab a bite in one of the many restaurants and cafes. 

    1. The Sydney Tower

    Astonishing view over the city from the top of a 309m, Sydney Tower is sure to take your breath away. It is the tallest free-standing structure in Sydney and that’s what makes it special. You can enjoy the skyline view from the observation deck. And if you are impressed by it, you can pay some extra money for an unforgettable experience of a Sky Walk 268m above the ground and the view through a glass door. 

    1. Treetop Adventure Park

    Among the many things Sydney for kids has to offer, the Treetop Adventure Park is definitely one of the most exciting ones. It is a location full of recreation activities in the treetops 15m above the forest ground. The whole family (the children especially) can enjoy sliding down flying foxes and moving from tree to tree on suspension bridges. There are 108 challenges in total that are sure to keep your kids entertained for quite some time. The challenges are organized for children of different ages and difficulty, so each of your children can find something interesting for themselves. This is a fantastic way to discover the Great Australian Outdoors. There are many other activities available, such as places for barbecues, picnic areas, playgrounds and toilets, all free for use. 

    Besides these, there are many things to do in Sydney with kids. Some of them include a visit to the Cockatoo Island, Powerhouse Museum, Chinese Gardens of Friendship and many others. Whatever choice you make, you won’t regret it. When choosing the activities for your trip, make sure to take into consideration the preferences of your family in order to assure a perfect journey. 

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