Chill Tips From a Cool Cat For The Quarantine

    I’ve just realized that there are places in my apartment that I never knew existed: for instance, behind the fridge or the closets, or between two shelves. During almost 50 days isolated at home, it’s normal to feel like I’m on a rollercoaster. It’s normal to feel anxiety and bad thoughts. But, suddenly, I saw my cat and I thought “he lives in an eternal quarantine! Let me observe him. I have a guru here!” His name is Pudim and of course I’m lucky that he is really calm and sweet. Here are some tips from this cool cat for you!

    Wash your hands often
    Cats are specialists on it! I think at least two or three times a day I find my cat “washing his hands.” When you finish it, do it again  Take a look at Pudim's below 

    Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

    I always get impressed with Pudim’s capacity to sleep for a looong time, and wake up just as fast as he falls sleep. So, try it, look at your cat sleeping, and try to breathe deeply and observe him. Sweet dreams! (Even if it’s just a cat nap!) 


    Look at things as it if were the first time seeing them. Pudim is the master of hiding places: like above the closet recently, always seeing everything through a new lens! He’s a boss! While we used to get bored with all things that we have, try to practice a new point of view in your home! Appreciate it - try to change your perspective!

    If you are going to do something, do that thing alone. Focus on just that. Don’t think about current or future problems. The cats are experts at it. They stand and stretch themselves before running to do something. I strongly recommend it. There’s no rush! You’ll almost never be late to do your next task if you stretch yourself more times in a day.

    This sweetie video inspires me as well. 

    If you don’t have a cat or don’t like these animals as I do, there’s another funny and helpful alternative I found during my research: the game “Animal Crossing” that “is blessed with a slow pace and daily tasks, a thinly-veiled real life simulator in which we balance desires and endless debts with daily job-like activities. Only the chores include fishing, catching bugs (stay away from tarantulas) and chopping wood”.

    And, ladies, please don’t forget to check out “Quarantine Tips from My Cat,” a hilarious article I found in The New Yorker magazine!

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