Cinque Terre in Covid Times | Non-Touristy Edition

Cinque Terre in Covid Times | Non-Touristy Edition

    A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Italy for a quick mental break. Italy, more precisely - Genoa, seemed to be the most suitable, fast, and affordable option. I traveled there for 5 days, 4 of which I spent in Genoa. I only had pleasurable experiences over there, especially enjoying the combination of a busy Italian city with some quiet beaches just outside of it. While it was a wonderful time, this post is dedicated to Cinque Terre, as it offered a wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy it without tourists.

    On that Saturday morning, we took a train from Genoa to Monterosso-al-Mare, which is one of the villages of Cinque Terre. Luckily, we arrived there quite early and were able to enjoy the gentle Sun and almost empty beaches.

    Note: due to Corona, you have to books your spot at any beach in advance.

    We got some fresh coffee and pastry and spent the most wonderful afternoon at the beach, enjoying the view and clean light blue water. Fantastic!


    We did not want to hop through all the villages, and instead - enjoy two of them thoroughly. Therefore, the next and the last stop of our quick day trip was Manarola. It offers wonderful views of both the village and the nature surrounding it. It is the one from all those popular IG shots.

    If you are going to visit Cinque Terre, 1-2 days is enough. In case you are in Manarola, make sure to enjoy the sunset at Nessun Dorma Restaurant, try local wine from a local store, and discover the hidden local bars for some home-made limoncello and bruschettas. We've done it all and could not be happier to spend our day in beautiful, non-touristy Cinque Terre.



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