Debunking the 5 Most Insidious Myths About Women’s Personal Style

Debunking the 5 Most Insidious Myths About Women’s Personal Style

    Today’s article is a bit different from my usual ones. And that’s because it’s my first Masterclass! In which we’ll be working together at effectively Debunking the 5 Most Insidious Myths About Women’s Personal Style.

    And you will probably recognize these myths yourselves! Because they have been perpetuated by society, by the media, by Social Media… Maybe even transmitted generationally from a strong female figure in your lives.

    Which is why I know that running into these pervasive fashion styling myths does become an issue for many women at some point.

    And especially when that point marks a change, a milestone, or a crossroads in our lives, these myths become more tempting to believe.

    Because these are moments when you might be feeling like you are evolving and changing, and learning. But you might also be unsure of just how to express that outwardly (also with the help of your personal style).

    Which is why I am going to help you navigate them today 

    So that the next time you are at a milestone, you will be able to navigate it with even more grace and confidence!

    Meet the Speaker!

    Now, if this is your first time we’ve met:

    My name is Silvia!

    *I have been a women’s personal style content creator since 2017, when I started this blog.

    *Since 2020 I am also the author of You and Your Personal Style! My 5 step course dedicated to helping women hone their personal styling skills with confidence.

    *And I am also currently a student of the Style Coaching Institute.

    I wanted to obtain this certification so I could bring you best in class 1-on-1 coaching sessions, focused on a holistic approach towards self expression through personal style.

    And it has already helped me immensely for my Masterclass today!

    Now that you know me better, let’s dive into the first myth:

    Myth 1. Catwalk copy: Automatic style

    I see this vehiculated a lot in the Media, and it’s something that the Fashion industry itself promotes. That to be stylish you basically need to copy the catwalk.

    Because that’s what sets the trends!

    Designers put out their collections, and then those ultimately trickle down in the form of inspiration (or outright copies) in the high street stores.

    And if you are at a point where you’re not quite sure how to steer your personal style, it can be tempting to just follow the trends, and let the Fashion industry tell you what you need.

    However, I am here to say that your style is much more than piled on trends.

    It is actually a curated collection of old and new, of high and low priced items- probably of fast fashion mixed with, maybe some designer pieces, maybe some ethical pieces.

    But the key is that that collection has to speak to you personally!

    *It has to fit your own lifestyle.

    *It has to fit your own aesthetic values.

    *And it should make your feel great about yourself when you wear the items in it.

    Now, I’m not saying to pay no attention to trends.

    I am just advocating for giving yourself the time to look at each of them. And to understand if they tick these boxes I just mentioned for you, individually.

    This way you will stave off buyer’s remorse much more easily, and will have a much better defined personal style.

    Myth 2. Style confidence: Model looks

    A second insidious myth, harmful not only to our relationship with our wardrobes, but also with ourselves, is that the only way to be confident and content with your style is to have a model body.

    And sure, strides have been made in this regard in the past years.

    But still, I hear so many women unhappy with their body, simply because of the clothing they put on it.

    And make no mistake, I’ve been there too!

    But here’s what I’ve learned in the process:

    Your wardrobe serves your body. Not the other way around.

    So, you can spend time being frustrated by clothing that was designed for a completely different body type (usually that of a model).

    Orrr you can learn more about our own body type, and about which clothes will flatter it best.

    This knowledge I also cover in the first Lesson of You and Your Personal Style- free to watch right here!

    I’ll keep this Lesson free because I find understanding our body and face shapes the base for confidently owning our personal style. And I feel like everyone should have free access to that information!

    Now, in terms of befriending your silhouette in relation to your style, here’s another little tip I’ve learned along the way:

    When you look in the mirror, focus on the things that you like most.

    Which means that next time you’re shopping, try selecting clothes based on their potential to highlight your favorite attributes. And not on those that hide what you deem “less than”.

    I know this might seem like a distinction without a difference at first. But doing this will help you gain a much more positive outlook on your body.

    *Just try it, and drop me a DM with your results!

    Myth 3. Great style: Effortless

    This next myth I think comes perpetuated by a kind of aspirational, but ultimately escapist desire.

    The kind of desire that, for example, also makes us watch shows like Emily in Paris!

    That idea that you see those perfectly dressed, perfectly poised and confident women out there.

    The women for whom style just comes naturally and effortlessly.

    And oh, if you could also be one of those women…

    Now here is where I’d like to intervene. And I will say that sure, maybe for a small fraction of women, their style comes effortlessly.

    But for the vast majority of us, effortless chic only becomes so after lots of learning and practicing! So it’s something you work for consistently, until it actually becomes effortless.

    Because the truth is:

    Knowing the most flattering cuts and fits for your body.

    Learning the colours that make your skin glow.

    Educating yourself to choose clothes from the perspective of your favorite attributes (as I was mentioning above).

    These all take time to learn, to accept and to practice daily!

    And I hope this Masterclass encourages you to start doing just that! Because that is what will actually help your own style become effortless for you.

    Myth 4. Current style: Forever style

    The next myth I’ve heard often is that once you’ve found your style, it will remain the same your whole life.

    However, as I touched briefly on in the beginning: changes and milestone moments in our lives are to be expected.

    Maybe just right now you are finishing your studies.

    Perhaps you’re switching careers.

    Or becoming a mother.

    Maybe you’re turning a milestone age.

    These different life stages come with their own set of social, physical, economical and educational aspects. Aspects that inevitably shape who you are inside as a person as well.

    And once you feel that new inner you taking shape, it is very likely that you will want a new, updated outer presentation or expression to suit who you feel you are inside at this new stage.

    So I would say, let go of those clothing items you no longer feel comfortable in, or represented by. Keep the memories, but don’t cling to the objects.

    Because only by letting go of what no longer serves you- from old life circumstances, to ways of thinking that you’ve outgrown, to a wardrobe that no longer suits your needs- can you make room for something better for you at the life stage you are at now.

    Myth 5. Hiring a style professional: Difficult & expensive

    Next, in very close connection to the previous myth:

    If you do find yourself changing, and maybe confused or overwhelmed of how to transition your style for your new life and new self, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

    I’ve heard so often that working with a style professional (whether an Image Consultant, a Personal Shopper or a Style Coach) is expensive. That it’s only something for the rich and the famous.

    And that it’s difficult to find a good consultant for the average woman. Or that they might try and force you into patterns they deem stylish, but that don’t suit you.

    Now, I can tell you that this is not the case!

    And I can say it confidently, knowing the services I myself offer. But I can also say it after having met other Style Coaches. And by having followed the teachings of great style consultants for years now.

    Take a Style Coach:

    We’re here to help you navigate a certain period in your life. Our purpose is helping you feel your best, most confident self. And supporting you in finding your own preferences, your own style voice. Not to impose our own!

    We will not throw out your entire wardrobe, forcing you to invest in a new one. Not unless this is something you want, and are ready mentally and financially for.

    As for the price tag, I can say that every professional has different packages. And this exactly to accommodate people with a wide range of preferences and possibilities!

    So don’t let yourself be intimidated (even by yourselves) into believing you don’t deserve, need or afford a Style Coach. Especially if you feel you would benefit from one.

    Don’t be a Stranger!

    At this point, I would like to thank you very much for your time spent here. I hope it was as exciting for you to watch and read this women’s Personal Style Masterclass material, as it was for me to present it!

    If you have any questions on what we’ve talked about here, please feel free to pop in the Comments section!

    And finally, if you would like to get in contact with me, you have my blog and course – which I fully recommend as that first step into getting to define (or redefine) your personal style, depending on the life stage you are at.

    And of course, you can always just DM me on Instagram, if you would like to inquire about 1-on-1 sessions. Or even if you have any subjects you would like to propose for a future Masterclass!

    Thank you very much again, and until we meet here again, have a fabulous time!



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