DIY Charcoal Face Mask for each skin type

    Acivated charcoal has been inculcated as an ingredient in all skincare, body care and hair care products right from toothpaste to shampoo, from foaming cleanser to powder cleansers, from deodorant to cleansing balm.

    Charcoal works as an adsorbent and sucks out all the surface impurities may it be skin, scalp or teeth.

    Let's see how we can make DIY face masks for each skin type. Activated charcoal mask helps to pull out the pollutants and dirt from the surface of the skin. Using a charcoal based mask once or twice in a fortnight helps in clarifying the skin. 

    Always use glass or plastic bowls for mixing clay or charcoal based face masks!

    Dry/Normal Skin type

    Dry to normal skin types tend to lose moisture pretty quickly. Whenever you make a face mask for dry/normal skin type make sure to add a hydrating agent and use less amount of clay in it. You can even skip clay when using a mask for dry/normal skin.

    • 1 teaspoon of oatmeal or barley finely milled
    • A pinch of activated charcoal powder
    • A drop of any carrier oil which is suitable for your skin
    • Mix all the ingredients with the liquid of your choice (hydrosol or rose water)
    • Apply the mask for 10 minutes and wash off with plain cold water.

    Combination Skin

    For combination skin which is more of oily on t-zone area you need a clarifying clay such as French Green Clay. You can make two different masks, one for t-zone area and another one for rest of the face.

    Tzone area

    • One part of oatmeal finely milled 
    • Half part of French Green Clay 
    • Add a pinch of charcoal to it
    • Mix the ingredients with plain water 
    • Apply on tzone area which is nothing but forehead and nose area

    Rest of the face

    • Mix one part of oatmeal finely milled 
    • A pinch of charcoal to it
    • Mix the ingredients with a plain water 
    • Apply to the remaining face

    Oily / Acne prone Skin

    Oily acne prone skin needs extra care while removing dirt and pollutants accumulated on the face. Most often acne prone skin has active acne which need to be dried out a bit without making the skin dry.

    • Mix one part of finely milled oatmeal 
    • Half part of bentonite clay. 
    • Add a pinch of activated charcoal 
    • One drop of tea tree essential oil to it.
    • Mix well with liquid of your choice
    • Apply on face for 5-7 minutes.
    • Do not wait till the mask dries up
    • Wash off with plain water

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    Sensitive Skin

    Sensitive skin can't tolerate most clays as they suck up moisture. Plus most sensitive ski types can't tolerate essential oils. So avoid using them.

    • Mix equal parts of oatmeal and chamomile flowers finely milled.
    • Add a pinch of activated charcoal.
    • Mix all the ingredients in pure rose water and apply as mask for 5-7 minutes.
    • Wash off with plain water.

    We hope you find the DIY charcoal mask recipes useful. Do drop in a comment if you try out!

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