DIY Valentine's Gifts - Extra Cheesy Inspiration :-)

DIY Valentine's Gifts - Extra Cheesy Inspiration :-)

    2019 Valentines Day is around the corner! Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner? Check this DIY Valentines Day Gift guide to find more inspiration!

    Are you however more worried about looks than gifts? Then Trina’s Cute vs Sexy Makeup Valentines makeup tutorial is waiting for you!

    I always have the feeling Valentine’s Day comes so suddenly, almost not giving me the time to prepare a cool gift for my beau.  However, to be fully honest, even if I started to think about the potential gift 3 months in advance, it would still be so difficult to find something! Although some guys might say they don’t want any gifts for Valentine’s Day, I still think it is nice to give them something as a ‘thank you’ for their daily support and love!  A nice perfume, a classy watch, hipster socks?  Yes, he will tell you he loves it, but that forced smile on his face betrays him a bit. Boyfriends are after all not so demanding, but it just seems very hard to find something unique every time!

    Because I have faced this problem for so long, I have started creating DIY gifts, and I absolutely love it! They are more personal and unforgettable, and you can have a lot of fun while creating them! 

    Here I have compiled a list of my suggestions: 

    1. Ideas for couples who love food, but hate gifts


    Trust me, when guys say they are of a simple nature, they are, indeed, telling you the truth! Most of the guys love to eat, so why wouldn’t you cook something delicious in the shape of hearts? In this way, it won’t just be an every-day meal but will also have a nice romantic touch. If cozy breakfasts are your thing, get up a bit earlier and cook a nice breakfast in the shape of hearts! Who could resist heart-shaped Nutella pancakes? 

    Not only will that be a great start of the day, but it will also remind him that today is actually Valentine’s Day, if he ‘accidentally’ forgot! 

    Check these tutorials for inspiration:

     3 Heart-Shaped Egg Recipes - Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas


    I actually surprised my boyfriend with this gift once and he loved it so much, that it became our tradition! Every Valentine’s Day, we would wake up and make the special pancakes together, which is a cool idea if you’re not that much into gifts.

    2. Memory Newspapers

    If he loves reading newspapers or a specific magazine, then I’m sure he will like this idea! Print out your favorite photographs, quotes you both love, and everything that reminds you of your relationship, from the time you started dating, to now. Cut out the photographs and quotes and start gluing them to the pages of the magazine, following the timeframe of your relationship! If you go for a magazine, you can also use the sections such as ‘Editors Words’ to introduce what he is going to find inside, or the ‘Music Recommendations’ to put photographs of the concerts you went to together. 

    I love this present as it is very unique and personal, and completely unexpected! Of course, you should not give him the newspapers, but leave it on the coffee table, so once he opens it, he is completely surprised!


    3. Gifts to make him busy

    A lot of small gifts are sometimes better than an expensive, big gift, as you’re surprised not only once, but multiple times throughout the day! 

    If you haven’t been together with your partner for that long, then this is a good idea! You can buy small gifts such as a gift card to his favorite coffee place or clothing store, photographs or even candies, and put them separately in envelopes. On their surface, you should put a label with the precise time he should open the gift.  In this way, he will be curious about each following gift, and will be smiling the entire day!

    You can check a similar idea here:  ‘On the Hour: Valentine Edition’


    4. Printable Bread Papers

    Printable Bread Papers look really cool and you can print a romantic/funny quote on it, or even an image of the two of you!

    This gift is very simple to make: find nice quotes which remind you of your partner, or even design your own quotes in Photoshop. Print out a sheet of wrappers on cardstock and wrap it around the bread, and that is it!

    However, to add a unique twist to this gift, I would suggest the following: if you always buy bread in the same bakery and the sellers know you, give them the printable bread paper so once your partner purchases the bread, it will be a nice surprise! In this case, of course, you should use a personal quote, otherwise he might not realize it is a gift from you! If you’re single, this is also a nice gift for a friend or family member! 

    Find more detailed information on this DIY gift here: LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA: PRINTABLE BREAD WRAPPERS


    5. Couple Face Socks

    This is definitely one of my favorite gifts and I would recommend it to couples who are very close to each other, love to joke with each other and are definitely not bothered by weird looks from other people.

    Socks are such a common gift but using your creativity, you can turn it into his favorite clothing item! 

    Find some good quality, colorful socks, which he can wear often. Happy Socks always have good options, but if you’re looking for something simple, visit Nordstrom.

    Once you find a good color, preferably his favorite, look out for some funny photographs of the two of you.  Depending on your location, find a store which actually prints photographs on clothes, and here is some inspiration how it should look like:




    You also have stores where you directly order both the socks and the photograph, which might be more convenient. If you’re in the UK, check SuperSocks, who create custom printed couple socks for only € 22,00.  Find more inspiration on Etsy, where the price of personalized socks is around €22,00 as well!

    So, what are you going for? 

    I love these 5 options for DIY gifts and I am sure your partner will love them too. They are affordable, unique and thoughtful – a great way to show your love!  

    Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!





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