Do what you love; love what you do - A Journal Entry September 3rd 2020

Do what you love; love what you do - A Journal Entry September 3rd 2020

    And that leads me to my love of writing; which leads me to my love of blogging.

    Writing and creating and sharing all my thoughts and experiences with you all.

    The love of writing everything down and being able to go back to it by date and reliving my moments brings me such joy and a sense of accomplishment.

    Writing gives me time for reflections; whether it was happiness, sadness, regret.

    It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I was able to record everything and learn from that and be able to move forward and correct myself and evolve and grow even stronger as a person and learn what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and clearly what wasn’t working and also realize how stupid I sometimes can be without even realizing it until I re-read it.

    Writing is my escape and my reality.

    It’s my haven  it’s my salvation.

    It’s my therapy and my friend.

    It’s my companion.

    It’s my confession.

    Even if I don’t have millions of readers; if I have just a few who come to me and say they love reading it; it makes me feel damn proud.

    “Let yourself be drawn silently by the strange pull of what you really love; it will not lead you astray.”


    And this is what I love.


    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      I really relate to this, I love going back to my writing and being able to relive a certain day or experience. I've kept a journal over the past few years and being reminded of the feelings I had in the past that I may have forgotten about is definitely a great way to reflect and grow as a person. 

      3 years ago 
    • Tessie G Tessie G :

      Thanks, Caroline for sharing, it's a great thing to go back and see what you've written and then see whether you have the same feelings/thoughts or have grown from them or have learned from them, isn't it? It's such a great feeling! Have a great day! 

      3 years ago 
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