Fall Lineup

    Its Fall again!! It is getting chilly and there is a nip in the air. Around this time, we are all indoors more and more. So what are you watching on Tv this Fall! In my household, sports takes over with Nfl and college football🏈,  just started, baseball⚾️ just about to end with hockey🏒and basketball🏀 ending in the summer. 

    I like watching my  Tampa Bay Rays baseball team and Tampa Lightning hockey team play but I can only tolerate less than 3 hours of it. I have never really liked watching football because most of the time I dont understand whats going on....so during the fall, I have my shows I watch by myself.

    Here is my Fall Lineup

    I started watching this show last year and I bacame very interested in all the different shows they came up with for 90 day fiance. I binge watched them all to catch up last year and it was awesome! They have 90 day fiance before the 90 days, 90 day fiance happily ever after, 90 day fiance the other way, 90 day fiance pillowtalk and 90 day fiance strikes back. I personally enjoy them all except the strikes back addition. It doesnt keep me interested to long. They recap episodes and have viewers ask questions or tweet comments to the stars about things they have seen. I love seeing all the couples that made it and how their lives changed since doing the show. Pillowtalk is also another one that gets reactions from the stars when they watch the show. I love watching them react to what I already saw!! 

    I starting watching this on BET every Wednesday night. Tyler Perry produced and wrote this show about 4 single women who are struggling in the dating world, staying at the top in their careers and keeping their self-esteem and image intact. Season 1 was great  with a cliffhanger and right now I am watching Season 2.

    I love this show on HGTV and all the people who are looking to buy a home. Right now, my family and I are going through this process and its been stressful. It really gives you a look at housing in different places. I also like watching home improvement shows on this channel like Property brothers and Good Bones.

    Warning: Make sure you eat before watching these shows. I love these shows. Although, there are no new episodes because of Covid, the reruns do just fine. I love Guy Fieri and the restaurant tours he does along with his Grocery Games Show. I love Noah Capp in Carnival Eats for being so animated!! He makes the carnival food look so fun to make and they look so good!!

    I came across this show watching 90 day fiance on TLC. When watching this show you ask the question...Is this real? Now we know this can happen but some of it is scripted. From what I have been watching it is very entertaining and interesting to watch. Reality tv is what it is...only to entertain. Another classic from Tyler Perry coming back I think in January. I watched the first season and it really kept you on the edge of your seat. I cant wait to see what happens next season! 

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    What are you watching this Fall?

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