Get to know me again and mini Black Friday haul

    This month for me is full of last minutes changes and every day I need to modify my day. Because I gain a lot of traffic and a lot of new people are watching my video I decided to do another get-to-know-me video 2.0 version.

    If you are interested to answer some new or different questions let me know. I will do then the part two of this video as well then. 

    Time from Black Friday until the end of the year is my most financially critical period. I always have a list of what I want and need. Let's call it my investment in the next list. I always try to buy smarter and spend my money more wisely. Like I have invested in the new phone, last year I have invested in iPad, the year before I bought the wireless mics and so on.

    I knew from the start that this year I wanted to invest in couple more things. But in my next video below is a small clothing haul and few gifts ideas and a small prep for 2022.

    It's always good to have a plan on what you want your money to be spent. You have put a lot of effort and time to earn it, that is why always think of it as an investment. You don't want later regret your decisions when I was little and wanted something. To be honest, at that time we didn't have a lot of money. They have always said to me if you want it you need to earn it, I have to do chores and at the age of 14, I have found a job during the summertime because I didn't want to explain to them why I want something. At the end of every year, I knew what I want to invest in next year. 

    If you are thinking why do you then have two lists of the things. Because sometimes situations change something that you need you don't need anymore or something that you want to become something that you need. It is like a Tetris game for me.

    Thank you for reading & watching  

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