Here The Reason Why I Love London

    Hey, welcome back and Happy December, so glad to be back with some favorite topic and this will make me feel more positive. I know that I always say how good about London, so I really want to list down some reason here that I really think London is the best place for me.

    1. People are nicely

    Yeah, I have been always thinking this is the main reason that always has on my mind. When I start my trip people always say please be careful, don’t easy to trust strangers, don’t playing your phone on the road, etc… I know that my face brings me a lot of problems (especially I look really tiny with a young face) but I am so glad for the long-distance trip it was pretty great people really nice and especially London. For those who I have met they always say London people are not nice, hmm seriously I pretty scared before I reach so before starting the trip I really have to think about maybe I should just cancel my trip but you know what I not gonna cancel. I just tell myself no matter how and this might be is my last chance to go to London so I don’t care I just start to pack my stuff and go to the airport. The results come out is really amazing and I glad I don’t give up easily.

    2. They being helpful (especial for strangers)

    no matter where I am I always lost my direction, London was huge and i pretty sure i am not the only one who always gets lost haha. everywhere i have been in London, people are gentle, lovely and show me my location, from the bus station, on the street, shop, subway even at my house (i am so clumsy and i dunno how to open my gate door, hmm seriously that is real me of a clumsy person) or of course maybe when i rushing on the time i will be more tension and show all my clumsy stuff. i don’t ask for help but a little young man comes to me and asks “hey what can i help you?”, so i say “i just cannot open the door gate” with a blurring face. people are just being helpful no matter you need or don’t need it.

    3. The food is good for me

    One of my favorite things about London is the food. I know London sounds expensive, yes, it’s really expensive, like I buy a salad in a museum and it costs 9 pounds, wow, but it tastes really good! But for me, I don’t always eat out, so I love Tesco, and it’s really different from our Tesco, they have a lot of food.
    The complete processing is done for you, you only need to buy it and heat it up! It’s great for lazy people like me! Haha, and there are really a lot of snacks that I love in the UK, but it is a pity that my bag cannot hold more snacks.

    4. love dog 

    when i reach London, everywhere i go i saw a dog, it was so cute and the dog can even go to the subway and shopping mall as well! because my country is not allowed pets to come to the mall so i really surprise that they can bring their puppy everywhere! i love to bring my dog to come outside with me as well! and really love those people who love animals, is so sweet.

    I have been thinking if i could move out London is one of the cities that i might love to move there like stay forever even i alone, i think everything is perfect and i love it i really do.”

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    Good Day
    Love, Jess

    • Lafrieda S Lafrieda S :

      London sounds really exciting! All the pictures and things you said about it, sound right up my alley for a different country trip. 

      3 years ago 
      • Jess L Jess L :

        YES! London is really good and thank you   

        3 years ago 
    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      I visited London a few years ago and loved it as well! I'm glad you had a nice trip! 

      3 years ago 
      • Jess L Jess L :

        That must be a lovely trip! i hope you have fun too   

        3 years ago 
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