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    Decorative Wall plates are a wonderful way of decorating the plain walls becuase beautiful walls make a beautiful home. Walls essentially enhance the decor of rooms by adding warmth and love to your perosnal spaces.

    As a homemaker, one should give particular attention to emblishing walls and there is no better way of doing so then with attractive wall hanging plates. How beautiful it looks when it is hanged over the wall by adding few artifacts to it.

    These beautiful glass plates can be hung on wall in different sizes to uplift a blank space of your room into addorable one. The best combination goes with different sizes and a combnation of odd even number of plates hang on the wall.

    Two sizes a big and a small goes the best combination with.

    It can be placed over a desk on your working area and it seems so beautiful to work with some bright and beautiful pieces around. 

    Easy to style and Easier to maintain

    It's the latest and easiest replacement of paintings. These are light weight and mobile. It can be hang on wall effortlessly. Cleaning this decorative plates is not a difficult task. It can be lightly dust with dry cloth and front can be washed too. 



    Give your home a perfect decor style with these attractive wall hanging plates!

    • Una  O Una O :

      Wow! I love them!   Where did you get them? Every summer, I try to redecorate my place a bit, and these ones would fit perfectly with the style     

      1 year ago 
      • Shimoli J Shimoli J :

        Hey Hie Una

        Its great you loved them. Thank you for appreciating it.

        This is a handmade set of glass plates and it looks classy for your home decor. You can hang it on a wall or just keep it over a desk as a piece. Many designs are available. Please check at below link


        Let me know if you like any of the designs.

        1 year ago 
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