How to Develop Your Power of Waiting When You Don't Know What The Future Holds

How to Develop Your Power of Waiting When You Don't Know What The Future Holds

    I have so much I want to do, in my list. But I don't know which area of life to focus on first.
    Do you often feel stuck? Do you feel like there's lot of things you want to do and achieve, but you can't see clearly what's ahead and how to get there? I've been feeling exactly this way from past few weeks! The thought of not making any significant progress had hit me badly. All I was doing was waiting- waiting each day trying to write few lines, to read few lines, and to make some progress. Waiting is good, in fact very good, but our mind is very uncomfortable with waiting.

    When we look around, everything seems to be happening fast: fast success and fast results. And it is inevitable to overlook these success stories and wait for our future to unfold before us. It is so likely to feel the urge to take all the short-cuts or detours to reach our success.

    In this fast moving society, it is hard to go slow, or to wait. We will find plenty of external voices that make us feel bad about waiting or making slow progress in our "projects."

    I feel it is okay to not know what the future holds! Taking a leap to escape fear and uncertainties  doesn't guarantee you smooth path to success either! We learn to sail smoothly when we find out how to remove the roadblocks or sail through them without letting our mind and ego feel hurt-especially when we are pursing an extraordinary dream or purpose.

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    These are few of the reasons why I feel, we can experience the true powerful calling in life when we can wait, or when we don't know what our future holds for us!

    1. I've learned that 'Starting Out Doesn't Need Experience.'

    There's no shame in not knowing everything -even about the project we are working on! We may feel embarrassed or a little ignorant when we see experienced and successful people in the same field as ours', but teach your ego not to feel any less. We can only learn lot of things as a beginner, than as an expert. So try to soak up all that energy to pursue our passion- in any conventional way or in a beautiful new way!

    I love this feeling of excitement within me- it is so new and fresh. It makes me jump out of bed every morning to try out new things and to explore more opportunities. I'm enjoying how I feel each day with my purpose and passion by my side.

    2. I've learned to 'Trust The Uncertainty.'

    Uncertain paths may be scary, but they keep us curious, and excite us to work consistently to do our dream. No knowledge of what's going to happen next also prepares us to stay focused and determined to act wisely in any situation.

    3. I've learned that "Unknown provide us both with Heartaches and Surprises.'

    When you know you don't know what's next, you learn to detach yourself from expecting the best of everything in life. You learn to stay in  the present and enjoy it deliberately.

    We grow strong by learning to trust our instincts. We understand that by keeping calm we trust the power of the universe to surprise us with what we deserve.

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    4. I've learned to 'Trust More In Myself.'

    Things may not turn out as we expect, but believing in one own self will help us achieve success. In the process when we learn to take risk, and face it- we turn down every impossibility. I believe we have some strange magical powers to make our dream possible. And we can do it- even if we wait a little longer than others to achieve it.

    I hope you too are enjoying these beautiful, bright, warm sunny days. I 'm absolutely in love with the weather now. I have met few tiny goals and have also received few small achievements lately, so excited to do more in the coming days. I sincerely want to apologize for taking too long this time to bring you some new posts, that I had promised. But please be patient with me, and stay with me to read all the amazing new articles I am bringing you to this awesome positive space. 

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