How To Find Peace and Stay Positive When People Hurt You

How To Find Peace and Stay Positive When People Hurt You

    "We share pieces of ourselves with people everyday." To find your inner peace and balance, focus only on things that you can control. It is through the conscious alingment of your thoughts [inner world] and actions [outer world], you can stay truly stay positive and find your inner peace. Come further with me to know how I find my inner peace, and practice to stay positive when people hurt me!

    Sometimes our action or behavior is a conscious outlet of us, while all other times they're our spontaneous response to the events or behavior. Don't lead your day based on people's perception. Nobody but only you can decide if you are good or bad; because the way we present ourselves to people accordingly they form an opinion about us. But that does not mean they are always correct! Sometimes or I must say most of the times when others judge us, it also shows some part of them- their attitude, their habits, their thinking, and the way they see things- and not how exactly we are! 

    A tiny trigger of  negative reaction or comment can make us unhappy.  But if we allow our life to depend on those negative opinions, we can never feel good about ourselves. Can we?

    Today take time to acknowledge all the best parts of you, and your life. Dust off every single thing that makes you feel negative about yourself, because you are worthy.

    I used to do exactly the same thing- believe what people said to me. But ever since I practiced listening to my inner voice, and decided not to care what others tell me, I feel the freedom! I feel free from everything that expects me to be 'nice' all-the-time.


    If your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness, and, therefore, your excellence.” ~Unknown

    I remember some friends telling me, "you write positive articles but you don't seem to be a positive person by the way you talk." They said this because I did't want to stay connected with them anymore! I was releasing myself from all kinds of 'expectations' they had build for me. Their words did hurt me. I felt sad. I was angry, as I had to seriously ponder over my attitude. But something I knew very well- "I was not hundred percent wrong. And ever since then I promised myself to stop pleasing, and/or giving any kind of explanations to anybody. " So why did they accuse me? Why did they not accept their part of the mistakes? 

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    Negative judgment and criticisms may paralyze our effort of staying positive and fearless. Don't let any kind of negativity destroy your built-in peace.

    Learning to be fluid with myself has helped me to go in life with a certain ease. Life may force the change of plan on you, but learning to 'dance in the rain' will help us get through our tough times. I try and find the good in every day. 


    There are too many moments in life that deserve a good laugh. 
    I want to share some of the tips and ideas that can help you stay positive and happy, even when people hurt you, or accuse you of not- being-perfect.

    Think about what they said. Is it true? Don't believe everything what you hear. If you believe, take it in as a chance to change yourself for the good.

    1. Free yourself from the fear of judgment.
    2. Use this powerful tool, and learn to say 'no.'
    3. Often rely on your inner critic than external voices.
    4. Get rid of everything negative in your life. Be more focused on your 'present' journey of change, and create a better future for yourself and family.
    5. Share positive feelings with others; but don't try to change anyone. Change yourself. Change your life. Move on from everything that tries to stop you from being you.
    6. Be your authentic self in every possible way.
    7. Focus only on the good.
    8. Move away from all negatively-driven competitions. They only create disturbances and more negative energy within you. Focus on improving everyday, and create opportunities to showcase your talents. "Not all who win always are champions. Many things also depend upon the kind of opportunities they get." So, be your own competition.
    9. Always count your blessings. Feel good about your own life rather than comparing with others. You have so many things to feel good about your own life.
    10. Create more time and space to reflect and align action with intention. Focus on things as it is.

    Any kind of criticism doesn't  affect us until we start reacting to it. We should never allow ourselves to be crushed under the negativity around us.  

    I hope you find your purpose, and the motivation to stay positive and kind to your yourself; after reading this post. Don't forget to leave me your thoughts on what will you do to not feel bad about any kind of negative remarks or comments that people try to use on you? 

    If you want to feel happy and peaceful start by identifying when and how emotions change for you? What triggers you to feel sad or unhappy? What is that constantly disturbs your peace in life? Identify the unnecessary elements that brings you stress and make you feel worried about yourself or about your future!

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