How to Manifest Using Meditation

    I’m not sure I truly understood what “manifesting” meant until I studied and meditated on the topic almost every day this  month. My previous understanding of what it meant to manifest was basically taken right out of a Nike commercial...JUST DO IT! The simplicity is almost paralyzing. I’ve been trying to ‘Just Do It’ for quite some time, and its not working. The more I try to do, the more I don’t. I decided to put some spiritual practices in place in order to help me solve the mystery of how to make things happen.

    I wondered if not knowing what I wanted to manifest was a bad way to start a manifesting meditation. I assumed the next 15 minutes would be chaos, and not peaceful like meditation is supposed to be. Regardless, I sat down in my cross legged position , placed my hands on my knees, pressed play and closed my eyes.

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