How To Starve A Narcissist

    Hello my lovely people

    Happy Sunday to you all I'm sorry I won't be doing a weekly Spiritual Guidance Post this week I'm having a break, if truth be told I'm going to waste my whole Sunday playing sims 4.

    Just because in sims I've got a better handle on life.

    I've decided to do this post today because we have all dealt with a few narcissistic people in our life time.

    You know the ones who are completely deluded that they have played a part in causing another human being pain.

    It's so easy to fall into a narcissistic trap because they are clever, at first they'll say all right things and do all the right things to reel you in.

    Once you have fallen into that black hole of nothingness it's very difficult to pull yourself out of it.

    It's extremely difficult to remove yourself from a situation like this especially when you hold nothing but love for someone.

    I can hundreds percent relate to the whole aspect of being in a connection with a certain individual.

    That has these traits....

    During the last few months of lockdown I feel its either gone two ways for people they have either been stuck within a narcissistic connection or have come within their power and a realisation that enough is enough and its time to act accordingly.

    So how do you starve a narcissistic of your energy.

    I know that a few of these steps won't be easy for you but one thing I can promise you with time and self healing you will be fine.

    This advice is from someone who's been through it all yes it's myself.

    1. Go no contact.

    This is the best option for you! If at all possible, cut all contact with him immediately and at once.

    2. Be uninterested

    This is the best option for you if you must have contact with the narcissist. Show no emotion, only answer the questions that must be answered and do so quick and to the point. Do not react at all to anything the narcissist says. Do not bite his bait of arguments or discussion about things that you’ve already discussed. Keep everything you say and do with him to an absolute minimum devoid of any emotion.

    3. Keep it simple.

    If you must have contact with the narcissist, keep all interaction brief. If he sends you a million texts, respond to only whatever is absolutely necessary. If you have to meet up, do what you came there for and nothing further. Again, remember – no emotion!

    4. Walk away when their manipulative.

    Whenever they starts to try to engage you, manipulate or blame you, walk away. Just end the conversation by leaving it. Don’t try to explain or reason with them about what’s happening. Just walk away. Soon you’ll train the narcissist that you aren’t available to be their energy supply any longer.

    5. Don’t talk about the narcissist with people who know them.

    If possible, don’t speak with them at all, but if you must, avoid details about your personal life and anything to do with the narcissist.

    All of that information will end up making its way back to the narcissist and he or she can be fed energy from you through the third party. they will know what irks you and what buttons to push. they will know how their affecting you and you’ll continue to be seen as their energy source.

    6. Set boundaries and don’t back down from them.

    The reason the narcissist made their way into your life in the first place was because you didn’t have healthy boundaries in place.

    Learn from that and implement the changes you need to make now!

    Don’t feel bad for your boundaries and don’t reason your way out of enforcing them (i.e., “He or she doesn’t really know what he’s or she is doing,” or they are making improvements and he or she can change”). You teach other people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

    7. Live your life.

    Work on you, focus on you, build your future!

    Don’t allow the narcissist to take any more of your time.

    Set goals for yourself and celebrate when you reach them.

    Build a healthy support system around you and don’t look back! There’s nothing for you back there.

    Start implementing these things and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll find that the narcissist has no more hold on you!

    One thing you always need to remember is that you hold the power to your own destiny we all get blindsided by love and connections but always believe in your own power to set boundaries and realise your self worth.

    love to you all .

    Stacie xxxx

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