1.Wear them over a light sweatshirt:  This can go for a day to night look, Since summer nights are so cold wearing a sweatshirt will fit all day long. Go for a foolproof option, opt for a fitted long-sleeve top in a contrasting color.  

    2 Pair them with flip flops: You can pair them with your favorite pair of black heels, sneakers, slippers, flip flop,slides,birkenstocks etc. Just make sure the pants are skinny legged, bootlegged, or cropped, and you’ll look so effortless  fashionable. 

    3 Sunglasses are game changers: We all know sunglasses instanstantly elevates your look. If you want to look more in an overall especially if you are pairing it with a flip flop then add sunglasses to it. 

    4 Add waist bags: Waist bag is a come back trend and yes a good one, not just for the sports lovers. It has a street style vibe but there is something about a look with waist bags.  

    5  Don't be boring with your hair: It is summer and yes a colorful hair do is a perfect fit for the season. Don't be shy to try something new. Enjoy the season, break good boundaries and have fun. Red wine wig from Rosegal.


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