How Your Fashion Style Is Reflecting on Your Home Design

How Your Fashion Style Is Reflecting on Your Home Design

    Have you noticed how many catwalk trends are now carried over to interiors? Just pay attention to accessories such as cushions, wall art, candles and rugs, and you'll see a fabulous transfer of fashion statements to interior design items. You can probably even see it in your home if you only pay a closer look. Do you enjoy keeping things simple with plain shirts, monochromatic colours and no flashy accessories? If so, chances are your home reflects your style in the way that you’ll never have a kitschy nick-nack. For those looking to spruce up their home interior, look for inspiration in fashion and check out how it can seamlessly transfer to your home design.  

    Transfer minimalism from clothes to walls

    Simple décor comes with zero clutter, no flashy patterns and without bright colours. Those who prefer to feel relaxed in a simple décor, also choose simple outfits for their outings. Minimalism is one of the most popular and easiest designs to relate to since it doesn't require you to think much about what goes with what. As the word says it, minimalism is all about keeping it simple. So, using cool neutral colours, in combination with classic, sleek furniture will make your home design lawless. A combination of white walls and floors where you’d add a black accent chair will speak more about your fashion style than any outfit you’d wear. The kitchen would look fabulous with black gloss countertops and steel appliances. 

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    Socialite vibes all the way

    A true socialite cannot imagine being surrounded by plain simple items. Everything without patterns and décor will look boring to them, which will also be visible in their interior design. If you’re always the life and soul of the party, your socialite home will flourish in vibrant wall colours and colourful accessories. Consider having a trendy wallpaper statement wall in your bedroom together with playful accessories. Consider creative bedding from Wake In Cloud and introduce mixing patterns from the sheets to work seamlessly with the rest of your bedroom décor. Add ceiling decals to the mix and have a bedroom that you’ll have the sweetest dreams in. 

    Gourmet feels in your home

    Some of us prefer chunky sweaters, a pair of high heel boots and a coat that reaches your ankles to feel like they can conquer the world. A cosy look, as such, calls for a night in front of the fireplace, with a glass of wine, and a platter of cheese. If all of that sounds more than dreamy, then your gourmet-style can easily transfer to your interior design. You'll be delighted by classic designer furniture, neutral walls and luxe materials. Does the thought of monochrome accessories give you butterflies? If so, then you’ll love having wine racks & bookshelves in identical deep brown colour in your living room. Add customised prints of favourite quotes to your accent wall, and a night with a good book and a glass of mulled wine will be your next favourite pastime.

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    Classic is always in

    Crisp white shirts matched with black cigarette pants and a pair of patent pumps is all you need to look and feel like a true boss babe. It’s also a classic look that never goes out of style. When you think about classic, you’ll certainly have timeless interior design ideas, such as crown moulding in mind. Continue with neutral, soothing greys and soft blues paint in bedrooms and bathrooms. Add luxurious full-length window treatments, and your home will look like those from interior design magazines. Don't forget timeless Carrara marble in bathrooms to create a striking look for your home.

    Final thoughts

    Maybe you haven't paid a lot of attention, but your interior design will eventually reflect your fashion style. When you are in doubt about how to decorate your home, just take a look into your wardrobe, and the ideas will start sparkling everywhere. 

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