Journal Entry (We rise, We heal) May 19th 2020

    "There are moments in life when we go through hardships, failures, disappointments, and many let downs."

    Through this, we die a little each time. Some get up quickly dust themselves up and carry on. Some are stuck for a 
    while. Sometimes “for awhile “ may take longer than it should. But that’s ok. Because in the end, you want to see the light and the beginning of changes’ when you’re ready. You want to give yourself time to heal. 

    We all heal differently, but the thing is - we heal - slowly but surely. With a little self-help, and genuine friends, your siblings, perhaps your parents. 

    If you don’t have any of that; There are professionals who can guide you the right way or be the sounding board you need. 

    But you will rise from this because you are strong and you are deep and you care about yourself because; you MATTER

    Maybe you feel lost? Who doesn’t at some point in their lives. Reach out and grab onto something and pull yourself up; and there we will meet you halfway, for the rest of your healing process. 

    Look in the mirror and see how beautiful and unique you are. And for people who are reading this; consider once in a while to reach out to just say a quick hello to the people whom you haven’t seen for a while. 

    It doesn’t cost you anything, but maybe worth a million emotions for one.


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