Losing yourself to find yourself

    Life is a funny old thing isn't it?

    How many of us find ourselves hoping for a better day ahead.

    You can find yourself so wrapped up with daily routine and structure, you forget how much of your life is passing you by.

    Do you crumble at the idea of not having a plan in place for every outting or experience in life.

    Then you just maybe existing and not living.

    A lot of people need structure and fear spontaneous life events.

    The classic what if moment.

    That fills us with anxiety and fear of rejection.

    Some of the best experiences in life are followed by a ephiany moment....

    We as humans are stronger than we think.

    An advantage human can go through several transition in a lifetime its how we evolve and adapt to change.

    As you know change is inevitable and if the universe thinks that you are heading in the wrong direction it will make changes for you.

    We loose our true self for all sorts or reasons but one thing is pretty much certain we always find our way back to our authentic self.

    It's difficult feeling being lost and hopeless, not knowing what's next.

    But not every situation needs to be controlled and it doesn't need a plan either.

    If your like me then I find it extremely hard to let my guard down and trust people, I hate not knowing why and when, but one thing I've learnt is it doesn't matter how much you need structure or answers you don't always get it.

    For myself now don't force anything any more because anything that needs to be forced isn't worth having.

    And great things can happen when you loosen the grip of needed to control everything.

    There's no magic eight ball...

    But you have your intuition so use it well and trust the process only then will you find the way back to your authentic self.

    Love to you all

    Stacie xxx

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