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    If you’ve read my travel tips, you’ll already know I love to save money! Here are my top 5 money saving tips which I swear by! I go by all of these tips whenever I’m looking for something to buy online, whether that's clothes, home decor or anything else!

    Top Cashback

    I’m sure you’ve seen the adverts, they’re always on TV! So If you don’t use Top Cashback already, why not? I imagine a lot of people are worried to whether this is legit, but I can tell you it definitely is legit and is so worth it, you won’t regret using it!

    It’s a site where when shopping online, you search the retailer you’re using and it will show what percentage cash back you can get with them, they offer a whole range of sites to get cash back from including EBay, ASOS, Etsy, Domino’s, Very, Boots and a lot lot more! They sometimes have offers for a sum of money for you to gain back, for example when I renewed my car insurance last August I went with Churchill and got £10.50 cash back in return. They have a Plus account where you get a few extras and they take £5 of your annual cashback earnings for this membership. 


    Honey is another great thing to use. I personally use it as a browser extension so every time I get to the checkout online, the honey box appears saying it has found some coupons – these will be coupons that people have previously used and have worked.  Each time you use Honey, you also earn ‘HoneyGold’ which is a free rewards programme and the Gold you receive is determined by your purchase cost, the site shows what percentage of of your order you can earn back depending on where you’re shopping. 

    Allowing shoppers to feel more confident with their purchase.’ – Forbes


    So this one is a bit of a boring one, there’s no fancy apps or web extensions for this one, sorry! If you find something you like on a site but can’t find any discount codes or anything for that item, what I do is i search the item into google and go onto the shopping tab and look at all the places online which are selling the same product, more often than not, you’ll find somewhere that offers what you’re after a little bit cheaper!

    Student Discounts

    If you’re a student, make the most out of places from food outlets to clothing stores offering you discount! Unidays & Student Beans are both amazing free apps to have, many people only seem to have Unidays for some reason, but they’re both amazing and Student Beans will offer you discounts that Unidays don’t, and vice versa. 

    Another one is the Totum card, which used to be known as the NUS card. You can join Totum Lite for free or upgrade to the Totum Pro card which also acts as a proof of age ID card and an International Student ID (This works, I used it in Prague!!).

    Totum also offer a Graduate version, so you can still keep getting student discounts as a graduate for up to three years!

    Online Outlets

    You might not be aware of this online outlet, but brands like Argos, Boohoo, Tesco, Office and more have official outlets on Ebay, meaning you can purchase products from there a lot cheaper than you normally would. It’s definitely worth a look around if you’re shopping for a new wardrobe or new bits and pieces for your home, you’re bound to save some money!


    I hope you found these tips useful and I could help to inspire you with different ways to save money and shop around for the best price! 

    Let me know of any other tips you would like to see from me. 

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