Mother's Day Gift Guide

    We all know Mother's Day is right around the corner! So I thought now would be a great time to round up some gift ideas for all the mama's or mama-to-be's in your life (yes, you do have to buy a gift for your pregnant wife fellas)!

    BAREFOOT DREAMS BLANKETS / I think I can vouch for most women when I say a cuddly blanket is ALWAYS a great gift idea! But if you want to score some serious brownie points then definitely go with THIS ONE. These are like the Cadillac of blankets... LOL. 

    CAPRI BLUE CANDLES / These are my favorite candles! They are from Anthropologie, and they are a bit pricey, but to me I like them way better then Bath & Body Works candles! I am going to be completely transparent, I like them mostly because they look nice on my table. Lol. But they do smell amazing! THIS one is my favorite! They have mini ones too if you want something a little smaller to maybe add to a gift basket or something! 

    WINE / I think this one is self explanatory... But if you need some recommendations on which wine to get, THIS ONE is great! And it doesn't hurt that the bottle is cute. And they make smaller cans that would be great to throw in a gift basket if you are going that route!

    SLIPPERS / Let's get real, this Mother's Day is going to be spent on your couch! No fancy dinner dates or spa days (unless you decide to really go big and plan one at home). So why not treat her to something comfy that she can wear on that romantic stroll from the kitchen to the couch.  

    FACIAL CLEANSER / You can never go wrong with gifting her a fun new tool to add to her skincare line-up! A lot of mama's don't like to splurge on themselves when it comes to stuff like this. But I'm telling you, she  would love a gift like the PMD Clean-Pro or the Foreo Luna 3! I have some of my favorite skincare products HERE, any of these may also be good ideas! 

    ROBE / Again, another great option! If you passed on the blanket, then THIS Barefoot Dreams robe is the next best thing! This robe is like being wrapped in a giant hug... I tried this one on at Nordstrom and never wanted to take it off. I know this is definitely on my Mother's Day wish list! 

    COFFEE MUG / THIS one is a Target find! But there are loads of cute coffee cups just about everywhere... (Target has a whole page of 'Mom' cups that ill link here!) But if you really want her to love you, THIS ONE! Because let's face it, not many of us mamas actually get to finish their coffee while its still warm. But this will solve that problem and keep her coffee warm for hours! And it comes in tons of colors! 

    APPLE WATCH / If she's like me and her phone is god-knows-where 95% of the time, she'll love this! Because who wouldn't love being able to read their texts or answer their calls hands-free and from their wrist! 

    SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE / If you've been around then you have heard me talk about this pillowcase on more than one occasion (I list it as one of my Sephora Spring Savings Event must-haves here). And YES, it is THAT good! They even sell a set that comes with a matching silk eye mask! I have both, and let me speak for my fellow mama's, this is a great gift option! And it is A LOT cheaper if you buy it in the set HERE

    PICTURE FRAME / This one is more of a sentimental gift idea! Which all of us mama's appreciate more than you know! A picture frame with a picture of one of your favorite memories, or even just a picture of your babies (fur babies count too)This is another super affordable option as well! And all Kate Spade frames are 40% off at Nordstrom currently! 

    JEWELRY / We've all seen the cute little 'mama' necklaces that everyone seems to have these days. But I thought I'd put together a couple other pieces she may like, all under $100! A small jewelry box would be a great option too! 

    FRAGRANCES / Pretty sure this falls under that self-care category along with any type of skincare gifts! Maybe she's running low on a bottle of her favorite perfume (here's mine), or maybe you want to switch things up! Either way, if you are looking for ideas, Jo Malone has some amazing scents that she's sure to love, the Red Roses Cologne is another one of my all time favs! And they have the best BODY CREME! - ALSO, and this is for all my future mama's out there... They have this Vitamin E Body Balm that is perfect for those growing belly's! I used this with both pregnancies to help reduce stretch marks! LOVE it!

    What was the BEST Mother's Day gift you ever received? I'd love to know! Feel free to leave me a comment below or shoot me a DM on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER

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