My Personal Journey: Reflecting on my first post

    So, I’m not sure if ‘reflecting on my first post’ is a trend. I don’t know if i’m creating the next big thing or if I’m just late to the party (probably the latter!) But I thought this would make for an interesting post anyway.

    So back in 2017 I published by first post, and to kick things off, I went quite personal (check it out here) The post was based around my position at the time, a recent graduate who was struggling to find her career and trying to decide what her next steps could be. I felt simply lost and was even touching on depression. Yes, it wasn’t the best of times to say the least. I mentioned in the post how I longed for a career, I just wanted to feel useful and have something to my name. So, almost three years on, how am I feeling now?

    Well I can safely say I have come a long way and I’m proud to say that I found a job that was the perfect fit, one that I’m still in to this day. It’s exactly what my degree prepared me for, the people are lovely and I just slotted into the company really well. After the hard time I went through before, I got through it, and that alone is one of my biggest achievements.

    Yet, over the last few months, I have not been the happiest. I have days and weeks were I don’t want to go to work, which I do battle through and appreciate that everyone goes through. I long for the days where I can stay at home in my PJ’s and just watch daytime TV. I can’t help but see the irony that three years ago I was doing the same thing but feeling completely different and longing for the career I have now. Things are changing, my company is relocating, and I am a bit nervous in regards to moving location. It is a longer commute and it is scary. I am a very settled person, I’m not a huge fan of impactful change. But hey, I’ve adapted before and survived. Who knows, I may be looking back on this post in 3 years time laughing at myself once more.

    I am a person who doesn’t recognise their achievements, but I am really proud that I got through the tough times referenced in my first blog post. It really does demonstrate my personal growth, and I am proud of myself.

    I am seeing others go through similar situations to me, leaving school or University and worrying about the next steps. I know people in the middle of their careers and still not knowing where they are going in life. There is no time limit on your personal journey, you can achieve your dreams at any point in your life. Everyone will! But it’s so important to stop and reflect on all you’ve achieved in your life.

    Bit of a soppy post, but I just wanted to mark my journey. Do you stop and reflect as often as you should? What achievement are you most proud of? It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Everything you do adds up to a brighter future ?

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