My Yoga journey

    Happy international yoga day! ??‍♀

    oming from the most unflexibel wannabe yogi EVA! ?? I’ve practiced yoga since I was a little girl, and have always on and off made it part of my training regime. But after finding the perfect ”style“ of yoga for my body, @stralayoga that was introduced to me by @annakleb while I was living in Germany, I fell inlove again. 

    Moving back to SA, my first few weeks here I only did yoga with my mom with @anenemuller at her studio in Gordonsbay. (Where this pic was taken) 

    Now I love doing yoga classes at my gym but I have been slacking a little because they changed the class times, but my weekly yoga session is still done with the YouTube yogi @yogawithadrienne

    And while we are tagging away and mentioning people, let’s just add this in. 

    My absolute yoga inspo is @via.catalina ?? And on my bucket list would be to go to Bali or India and do a yoga teacher training there to maybe teach one day, maybe not. But just for me, that would be really cool.

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