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    Hey Queens!! 

    So I have some exciting news to share but first let me tell you why I am writing this post. If you follow my blog, most of my readers are aware that my youngest adult son has Autism.   

    He was diagnosed at the age of 3 years old to be on the Autism Spectrum. He is classified as having a Cognitive Disabilty, very low IQ and is mentally retarded. He did speak until 6 yrs old. None of this has shined a darkness on him ever....he has been more determined than ever to keep going and not give up. He just graduated this year with 2 Honors and got accepted into an online program for Cullinary Baking. He has always wanted to cook since he was 10. As a mom, you watch as your child goes through many stages in life and you go into tears when things dont work out for them...that is when you have a child with no disabilty...imagine having difficulties compounded 2x because they are unable to communicate. Right now, he is turning 20 on November 17th and he is very happy. 

    He wanted to start a T-shirt line in order to pay for college so I got the right people involved in setting it up and DRIVEN was born.

     I call it DRIVEN because it means being determined to move forward no matter what gets in the way through an Autistic Voice. I created all the slogans and logos for the store. I pay attention to what my son isnt saying very well..lol

    Check out here: DRIVEN

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    Thank you for your support in Advance!!

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