New Year’s Resolution, To Do It Or Not To Do It?

    Don’t know about you guys, but in the last few days, my social media was filled with reasons not to make a resolution list since I will not stick to it and only make me more frustrated. If the serious articles didn’t find a way to get into your feed, the memes with “New year same me” definitely did and I am honestly not sure why is everyone all of the sudden against the list and shaming those who do it.

    A few years back the latest trend was to write the infamous list and even post it so that everyone can see what an organized and ambitious person you are. But as every trend, it faded with time and now people are rebelling against it, calling it stupid and even harmful. Not long after the study’s appeared, some scientists proved that it is not useful at all to have that list, most likely the ones that suggested the list in the first place, but let’s skip that part.

    So what is wrong with making a list? What is wrong with creating a plan for the following year? Why is it so wrong to think that the new year can be a new beginning? I am list fan in my day to day activities. When I get to the office I make a list of the things I need to do in the day and I try to prioritize them. As I scratch every item from it, I know where I stand with my workload, if I need to postpone some deadlines or if I am ahead of schedule. It’s always been like this for me and, honestly, love it. Before the list I was a mess, always forgetting things, starting the tasks randomly or even worst, postponing the most important ones, skipping deadlines without even knowing and getting my team in trouble. Nowadays I even have a shopping list, since know I need to remember everything, I have a list of items to put in my luggage when traveling, I have a list of people I need to get gifts for and I have a list of things I need to work on in the current year.

    Ever since 2012 I write the resolution for the new year in the same notebook, I saw my desires change and myself grow-up. If in 2012 all I wanted was an iPhone and a job, now I am wishing for living a happy and healthy life. I changed and so did my resolution list, but having it all written down reminds me of who I was and who I’ve become in the last 7 years. And no, I don’t do it to make because all my wishes come true, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop trying. In 2012 I wished to lose 10kg and I did, how? I worked out like crazy, went swimming 2 times a week and went to the gym other 2 times. So it is possible and it did happen in the new year.

    For me, the new year will always be a new beginning, a new cycle, just as nature has its seasons, we have ours. I love the idea of starting fresh and I do it every January, furthermore, I don’t get upset if I quit after one month, means I didn’t want that so much to struggle and work for it. Instead of blaming the lists, we should all think of ways we can make or dreams come true, living the life we want and deserve is there, we just have to sweat for it, nothing great ever came easily.

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